The globulin is a protein, soluble in diluted solutions of neutral salts, acids and alkalis and deposited in polysystem solution of ammonium sulfate (unlike albumin, deposited in a saturated solution of ammonium sulfate). Mol. the weight varies from a few thousand to a million or more. Globulins are divided into insoluble in water euglobulin and soluble in it pseudoglobulin. In most globulins are simple proteins, but some (especially globulins serum blood produced by cells of the reticuloendothelial system) is connected with carbohydrates or lipids. A number of globulins in the blood serum (properdin, ceruloplasmin) has immune properties (they form the group of immunoglobulins); this is mainly gamma globulins (see).
For a number of diseases (infectious and inflammatory) the content of globulins in the blood serum increases (see Proteinemia, Albumin-globulin ratio). Cm. also Proteins.