Glossalgia (synonym of glossodynia) - pain in the language (burning sensation, stinging, soreness, tingling), often extending to the lips, gums, cheeks, the sky and even the throat. Sometimes patients indicate that they have a swollen tongue, or suffering a sense of constriction in the gums, lips, palate, complain dry mouth (saliva they viscous, frothy). Characteristically, all described sensations during the reception mild food completely disappear.
Patients are observed nutritional disorder in the oral cavity: swelling language (as judged by the impressions of the teeth on its periphery), atrophy or hypertrophy filiform and leaf buds; lymph follicles often gipertrofirovannyy. The mucous membrane of the tongue and the mouth appears to be dry, atrophic, shiny, bright red in color, covered with small cracks.
Ill usually the elderly. In the basis of glossalgia are different reasons: diseases of digestive tract, endocrine disorders, diseases of the nervous system, the skin, resulting in the presence of mouth prostheses made of different metals. However, the removal of the specified reasons stable yields no results. Noted that violations of the sensitivity, secretion and trophism in the mouth is caused by abnormal bite. The treatment includes removal of these violations through appropriate prosthesis.