Glucose (Glucosum; synonym: dextrose, grape sugar), With6H12O6- monosaccharide from a group of hexoses. Glucose optically active. In the nature meets D-glucose. The concentration of glucose in the blood at the rate of about 0.1%.
Glucose is easily used by the body for energy material, so it has a beneficial effect on the function of all organs. When intravenous injection of hypertonic solutions of glucose increases the osmotic pressure of the blood that promotes the flow of the fluid from the tissues into the blood, reduce swelling and improve reduced blood pressure.
For medical purposes use isotonic (4,5-5%) and hypertension (10-40%) solutions of glucose.
Glucose is used when hypoglycemia, infectious diseases, liver diseases (hepatitis, liver dystrophy and other), hemorrhagic diathesis, toxic-infections, various intoksikatziah (poisoning drugs, cyanide, carbon monoxide, aniline and other). Hypertonic glucose solutions are used in the collapse, shock, swelling of the lungs or brain.
Glucose is one of the main components in different blood and protivosokovh liquids.
Izotonicescom solution of glucose is injected under the skin (drip 300 - 500 ml or more), intravenous or enemas drip method (300-2000 ml per day).
Hypertonic solutions glucose is injected once 20-50 ml or drip to 300 ml per day. A more complete absorption of glucose is provided with simultaneous introduction of insulin (4-5 UNITS under the skin). Method of production: powder, tablets of 0.5 and 1 g, 10, 25 and 40% solution in vials of 10, 20 and 50 ml