mosquitoesGnats - a set of Diptera blood-sucking insects [mosquitoes (see), horse flies, midges (see) and biting midges]; masses attacking people and animals. In tropical and subtropical zones to the gnats include mosquitoes (see). Fig. some types of midges: the left-biting midges (female); right Midge (top male, below female). Places of mass emergence of midges are the reservoirs of the tundra and taiga, forest-steppe, semi-desert and desert zones designated the emergence limited, and dissemination of gnats is of a local nature. In the mass of midges attacks in the open air, especially in warm, calm weather, lots of flies in the room. Mosquitoes and biting midges of the most active in the evenings, horse flies and gnats - day. Mosquitoes attacked in the evening and at night as in the open air and indoors. Mosquitoes usually appears in may; in June and July of activity it reaches a maximum, and it is slightly lower, continuing in some regions up to September and even October. With each shot in human skin introduces the insect's saliva containing toxic substances. Multiple injections cause significant local, and sometimes common reaction.
Massive attack bloodsuckers extremely painful, much pace of people deprived of normal rest and sleep, lower resistance to disease. Huge damage midges and livestock; because of the massive injections bloodsuckers reduced weight gain beef cattle and reduced milk yields. Described cases of loss of cattle in the mass attack midges and grapes. Many bloodsuckers have extensive epidemiological importance, being the vector - borne diseases [malaria, Japanese (mosquito) encephalitis, tularemia , and others] and allowed [Trypanosomosis (see), infectious anemia horses and others].
To combat mosquitoes carry out destructive activities - the destruction of bloodsuckers at all stages of development emulsions and suspensions of DDT, the insecticide aerosols and others (see Dezinficiruyusch funds), as well as the gradual and systematic destruction in breeding sites (hydrotechnical and drainage work, the application of larvicides). At the same time take measures to protect people from attacks of mosquitoes, and also protect the premises from the swarm of insects. Means of mechanical protection indoors and outdoors - gauze and lace (№ 000, cell 1.5 mm) canopy, sasaciloa Windows and doors; tulle mosquito nets worn headgear. Very efficient grids Pavlovsk (see Grid protective). Hands protects gloves of rough fabric.
To deter mosquitoes resort to repellents (see).