Nasalized speech

Nasalized speech (synonym rinolaliya) - changes in voice and distorted pronunciation of speech sounds in breach of nasal breathing. There are closed and open nasalized speech. Closed nasalized speech is caused by the difficulties of passage of air through the nose with adenoids, polyps , etc., Open nasalized speech is observed defects hard palate, as well as defects and paralysis of the soft palate; in these cases, a significant part of the air in the pronunciation of speech sounds fall into the nose, resulting in a voice acquires nasal shade, and speech becomes slurred. Nasalized speech is often observed and without any anatomical abnormalities (functional nasalized speech).
Treatment. When closed gnyawali - removing obstacles in the nose and nasopharynx. When open gnyawali - plastic surgery, prosthetics. In addition to medical activities, if gnyawali necessary lessons at a speech therapist.