Abscess of the brain

Abscess of the brain (abscess of the brain) occurs when the penetration of Streptococcus, Staphylococcus , and other microbes in the brain substance of purulent lesions, most often of middle and inner ear and sinusal nose.
The clinical picture is manifested common infectious, publemozgova and focal symptoms. Cerebral symptoms are manifested by headache, nausea, vomiting, aetiology, weakness, stagnation in the fundus. Focal symptoms often corresponds to localization of the abscess. Can there propulsion, coordinatore, sensitive disorders, convulsions, meningeal symptoms. High fever, leukocytosis, accelerated ROHE expressed in the stage of the formation of an abscess. In subsequent marked only periodic temperature rise the background of moderate fever. Disease duration from a few weeks to many years. After the acute stage, a period of relative calm currents. The possible aggravation of the process. The diagnosis is based on a characteristic of the disease and the combination of cerebral, focal and inflammatory symptoms. Must be differentiated from a brain tumor. Acute onset of the disease, presence of chronic inflammatory lesions and obstipation changes indicate the presence of an abscess in the brain. Angiography and pneumoencephalography help to clarify the diagnosis and localization of the source. Forecast serious, especially when multiple metastatic abscesses of the brain.
The treatment is surgical removal of the abscess together with the capsule or re-needle aspiration pus and the introduction of the cavity of the abscess antibiotics; inside - sulfanilamidami and antibiotics in high doses; symptomatic treatment. Prevention - rehabilitation centers purulent infection in the body, especially in the head.