Homosexuality is aimed at attraction to persons of the same sex. Homosexuality is divided into two types: a) inversely type, when the man since childhood has features of a female body and the type of conduct which is proper to the girl, the girl, or when the woman also with childhood appear masculine traits as in shape and personality; b) cerebral type when the shape and personality, adequate to the floor, sexual desire is directed to the same floor.
Homosexual men (the first notions towards often exercise their attraction in the form of pederasty (coitus per ani) and depending on the role they play in intercourse can be active, passive and "mixed" with gays. While some of the first notions towards showing typical male feeling of "love", actively seeking to possess the object of desire, others, on the contrary, feminine in his desire, need to be selective attention, in short, have inherent woman peculiarities of the manifestation of his feelings.
Homosexuality in women (tribade, Sufism, lesbian love) is also characterized either by the presence of adequate sex female patterns of desire, but with the desire to have as a sexual partner, the woman, or the structure of the male libido in woman to woman and an active desire to seduce another woman to get closer, often in the form of mutual Masturbation.