Hot shops

Hot shops and production areas in which technological processes accompanied by substantial education and heat generation (over 20 kcal/hour per 1 l3 rooms). A source of considerable heat release are surfaces of furnaces (blast furnace, open-hearth and others), various equipment, the hot products (coke, etc.,) and surface of objects, re-generating infrared radiation. In the conditions of thermal radiation and high temperature running a large number of workers in various industries: ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering, porcelain and faience, sugar and others, In some cases, the production process is accompanied by sparks and splashes of molten metal.
Hot workshops, radiant and convection heat (high temperature) when doing physical work causes the expressed changes of physiological functions (increased body temperature and skin, intense sweating, violation of water-salt balance, increased activity of the cardiovascular system, strengthening of processes of inhibition in the Central nervous system). Dramatically changing the climate of hot workshops is one of the reasons for higher morbidity with temporary loss of ability to work , compared with shops with normal weather conditions.
Conducting of complex mechanization and automation of productions largely led to the relief of workers. Hot workshops, the air is exchanged over 40 times in one hour. Workplace arranged additional ventilation: "the air of the soul" and "water-air of the soul" (in the stream of air sprayed smallest drops of water).
Heated surfaces of furnaces and equipment cover heat-insulating materials, the surface temperature which the sanitary standards should not exceed 45 degrees. In the workshops arranged special relaxation rooms or cabins, equipped with a cooled panels (radiative cooling).
Hot workshops may be a violation of water-salt balance of the body work, so they are provided salted sparkling water (0,5% NaCl).
Clothing and shoes made of special materials, protecting from external heat and radiation. Eye protection from exposure points with blue or green glass. On his head put on a felt hat with a brim. The great value has the correct organization of work and rest of workers.
According to the legislation for a number of professions provide benefits (6-hour working day, additional holidays, pension on preferential terms).