State the nature of the Soviet health

State the nature of the Soviet health care is that concern for the welfare and health of the people is the ultimate and decisive direction in the activity of the Communist party and the Soviet government.
The Soviet health care are an inseparable part of the state construction, as health care workers in our country at the expense of the state and under his direct control.
For example, in June 1968, the USSR Supreme Soviet discussed the issue "On state medical assistance to the population and measures to improve the health of the USSR". In early August of the same year was published the Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers "on measures for further improving the health and development of medical science in the country." on December 19, 1969-seventh session of the Supreme Soviet of the seventh convocation adopted the "Principles of legislation of the USSR and Union republics on health care.
This legislation in the field of health is intended to promote the implementation of the decisions of the Communist party, aimed at further improvement of health protection of the population and ensuring sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the country, strengthening of guarantees of rights of citizens in this sphere of public relations. In 9 chapters and 55 articles in this historical document outlines all of the basic provisions on the protection of the health of the Soviet people.
This document also serves as a vivid evidence of the nature of the Soviet state of health.
Issues of further development of the health of our population and actual problems of organization of health care are reflected in the work of the XXIV Congress of the CPSU and its Directives.
These facts testify to the great political significance of the problem of health protection of the Soviet people in our country. Only in socialist society is possible unity of the interests of the people and the government. In any capitalist country, there can not be such health care workers. In the constitutions of the capitalist countries there is almost no mention of health.