Speaking skeleton

This skeleton archaeologists have found in the grotto Murzak-Koba in the Crimea and to give as a research Professor of the Leningrad medical Institute Dmitry Gerasimov Rokhlina about whom you read in the introduction.
Even seventy years ago, the petrified bones never would have revealed his secret. Because there was no opening of the German academic Roentgen, who discovered rays that can penetrate thick body. Their invisible light and helped to bring the silent eloquence Crimean Nakhodka.
That managed to learn Dmitry Gerasimov Rokhlina the result is a kind of medical examination.
It turned out that in the hands of archaeologists skeleton of Murzak-Koba got ten thousand years after the burial. It belonged to a woman, and she died young - not older than twenty-six years. On the bones of both hands lacked Mezentsev. It was not accidental injury: a little fingers cut off in the same places. Most likely, the absence of fingers talked about voluntary or forced committing the ancient rite. On the places where our ancestors lived, not once found drawings hands without one or two fingers.
The ceremony was performed during her life, not after death, as it used to be ancient. The evidence for this x-ray, which noted the signs of healing of bone substance in the form of a continuous thin shaft.
On the skull women discovered a trail of shock and too lifetime, healed. Furthermore, it is established that the time is cut off the fingers and skull injury is the same. How can all of this be explained?
Likely to without interference commit ritual ritual sacrifice brought in unconscious state. This woman was hit in the head. It was in those days the only way to conduct an operation: for narcosis-that did not exist!
Professor Rokhlin came to the conclusion that the witch doctor performing the ceremony, already had certain surgical skills. The fingers chopped off strictly symmetrical, wound healing passed without complications, a stunning blow on the head was struck by a special tool, which had the form of cones. This is evidenced pressed on skull trail.
The story of a woman who lived ten thousand years ago, proves the ancient surgical art. Archaeologists have found a skeleton with an amputated hand, which at least forty-five thousand years!
Surgery in those days was not science, but rather a craft. Independent branch of medicine it was only in the XVIII century.
Why is the transformation of the ancient craft in full science lasted for such a long period? That marked him what forces? The same evil genius of science - the Church!
And is there not here exaggeration? Is it really guilty of the Church? Even if a religious ban affected only anatomy, one is inevitably would delay the development of surgery - because both science are closely linked.