The gram stain

The gram stain - differential complex coloring microorganisms that all bacteria are divided into two groups: stainable gram - gram and not stainable - gram. Gram-positive microorganisms form strong connections with violet paint (gentian violet, methyl violet, crystal violet) and iodine.
The technique of painting. Fixed drug impose filter paper and smear her carbolic the gentian violet solution. After 1-2 minutes the paint is poured and poured the Lugol solution (at 1 minute). Draining the Lugol solution, put the drug in 96° alcohol 20-30 sec., then alcohol wash off with water. The drug zakrashivaet diluted fuchsin for 30-60 seconds. Then the drug is washed with water, dried and mikroskopiruyut. Gram-positive microorganisms have dark purple color and gram - red.
Cm. also the Colour of microorganisms.