Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet is considered one of the harshest of the existing diets, but it gives the most tangible results: in just a week or two promises to help relieve from seven to 12 kg. Diet is effective enough, as buckwheat saturates the body and helps to bring of wastes. Also buckwheat normalizes the function of the stomach. As you could already guess from the title, the essence of buckwheat diet is that during the diet you need to eat buckwheat porridge. Big plus of this diet is that buckwheat porridge can be used in any number, but without salt and spices. During the diet you can drink different kinds of drinks, with the exception of energy-dense, the ideal option would be here mineral water, preferably without gas, or one percent yogurt (not more than one liter per day).

The effectiveness of buckwheat diet is a high amount of calories that allows you to opt out of the protein products (fish and meat). High calorific value of buckwheat is due to the high content of protein in it. Buckwheat diet implies the rejection of any spices in any form: seasonings, sauces, salt, sugar, and so on, Buckwheat for a diet is prepared not very familiar to us by the way. Buckwheat in the amount of 0,5 kg poured about 1.5 liters of boiling water. Then, buckwheat, you need to wrap in a blanket and put for the night. In the morning she will be ready for use and no different from what you are cooking in the usual way. During two weeks (so much typically last diet you must eat this buckwheat. Like many other diets, buckwheat diet forbids is after 18.00. Only by following all the components of this diet, you will be able to achieve a good result. After two weeks of the diet, it is recommended to make a break for a month.