Green coffee is an effective tool for weight loss

Currently, more and more interest is growing to the properties of green coffee as a tool for weight loss. The advantages of this product is:
• Naturalness. Green coffee is a natural product and contains no synthetic additives.
• Reduced weight by reducing adipose tissue. According to research data for the month of regular use of green coffee is a steady weight loss of 4-6 kg.
• Normalization of fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
• Increase in motor activity and vitality due to the content in the drink caffeine.
• Availability and loyal price policy.

The active ingredients of green coffee

The main active component of green coffee is chlorogenic acid. Large quantities of this substance is found not in the grains and thin peel, covering them. At frying structure of chlorogenic acid is broken, so green coffee beans for weight loss should not be fried, and be used in raw form.

The second component of green coffee is caffeine. Once in the body, it causes increased levels of epinephrine, cortisol, dopamine, and many other hormones that increase the metabolism.

Action chlorogenic acid in the body

In order to understand how chlorogenic acid, you must know what normal physiological metabolic processes occurring in the human body. So, entering the body carbohydrates in a liver converted into glycogen. Glycogen is a kind of depot of carbohydrates. When the energy needs it is able again to disintegrate, releasing energy. While there is glycogen, fat metabolic processes is not involved. But with its excess coming carbohydrates are transformed into fat.

The main point of impact chlorogenic acid is a carbohydrate exchange. Once in the body, the substance inhibits the breakdown of glycogen, thus "making" body with the necessary energy to get by burning fat.

It is believed that another mechanism of action of chlorogenic acid is the regulation of synthesis of insulin, a hormone involved in the distribution of carbohydrates in the body tissues. Green coffee is able to reduce its quantity, thereby activating metabolic processes.

Effect of green coffee on the body

In addition to the burning of excess weight of green coffee has:
• Tonic effect,
• Cleaning qualities,
• Anti-oxidant action,
• Promotes normalization of lipid exchange.

Tonic effect undoubtedly stimulates the process of losing weight. Even scientists have proved that the consumption of green coffee in combination with exercise and a proper diet stimulates the weight loss process and makes the results more relevant.

Chlorogenic acid has a mild laxative, due to which there is a gradual cleansing of the large intestine.

Antioxidant action is to bind free radicals, which can destroy a holistic molecules, causing irreparable harm to the body.

Green coffee reduces blood levels of cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein. These properties are especially useful for people with atherosclerotic changes of vessels and heart disease.

Rules of reception of green coffee

For effective weight loss is recommended to take green coffee and stick to a certain diet, which exclude such "harmful" products such as fatty meats, alcoholic beverages (especially beer), ice cream, spicy dishes, containing vinegar, sauces, bakery products, milk and yoghurt.

Slimming green coffee you drink every 2-3 cups. To prepare the drink coffee beans grind and brew at the rate of: tea false on 200 ml of water. The Turk put on fire, but do not boil, as chlorogenic acid boiling lose their properties.

Contraindications to the use of green coffee

Green coffee in its composition contains caffeine, and even though the number is smaller than in regular coffee, but the effect is still obvious. So for people with hypertension, mental and neurological disorders, and cancer green coffee can be used only after consultation of the attending physician. Pregnant women should be excluded green coffee from the diet.

Side effects of green coffee

By drinking green slimming coffee, you may experience side effects characteristic for all coffee drinks: increased blood and intraocular pressure, insomnia, episodes of diarrhoea, which are associated with increases peristalsis of the bowel.

Green coffee is a unique natural product for weight loss. Its regular use within 2-4 months will allow to get rid of extra pounds and the appearance of cellulite. In some cases green coffee slimming Supplement ginger, making the product more effective in the fight against excess weight.

Perhaps today there is not a single civilized man, who would not have heard of green coffee for weight loss. Calls to try this unusual drink with taste of lentil soup, jumping straight in the eye from the pages of almost all Internet sites. The ad promises that drinking green coffee will solve the problem of excess weight once and for all.
Actually green coffee - not that other, as well dried grain coffee, which we used to eat fried. I must say that dried coffee beans can have a dark rich or light green color with grayish tint. Can be different and taste of grains, from grass-lentil, astringent to sour. Green coffee is made as black.
His popularity of this product is obliged to American showman - the Dr. Oz. Famous heart surgeon, specialist in the field of healthy lifestyles and the leader, Mehmet Oz has the strongest influence on American society. Once he published the results of their experiments on the use of green coffee, surprised the world by the ease with which the drink helps to lose weight. Soon this product was fond of all America.
I must say that in his show the Dr. Oz has never mentioned any one brand, which specializes in the supply of green coffee. Therefore, when he was accused of commercial fraud, he seriously offended. In order to prove the truth of his words, famous showman has enlisted the help of independent experts, who had tested with a group of women. Experiments confirmed all previous statements of Dr. Oz. The world rushed to buy the miracle tool that helps you to burn fat without any effort and limitations.
Black coffee, loved by many people drink, long been a subject of controversy scientists. Many researchers have questioned his favor. Moreover, there is evidence that this drink can cause considerable damage to health of people. Therefore, for green coffee, too, cannot be treated with unlimited confidence.
The main advantage of green coffee distributors called the presence of chlorogenic acid. It has a positive effect on the metabolism, which helps the body faster to burn fat. Extract raw coffee beans is almost half of that connection. So for those who want to get rid of fat, green coffee is a real lifesaver.
But in fact, the regular use of wonder drug green does not guarantee impeccable shape. As shown by research scientists, chlorogenic acid contain not so much the grain as their shell. So from any products containing this acid in its pure form, the benefits will be far greater than from green coffee.
Another advantage of green coffee - the presence of antioxidants. Scientists have proven that this product is able to normalize blood sugar levels and cholesterol, improve skin condition and increase immunity.
Because green coffee contains caffeine, drink it in moderation. The recommended daily norm - 3 cups. And those who suffer from stomach ulcers, gastritis, hypertension, heart disorders, drinking coffee is not worth it. The same applies to nursing mothers and women who carry a pregnancy.
The question does green coffee to lose weight is a very controversial. Online you can find many rave reviews from users who miracle tool has really helped. However, the negative reviews of coffee too much. Many users claim that coffee is not only not helped them lose weight, but also caused a headache.
The specialists argue that green coffee can be a good assistant for those who wish to lose excess weight, not hoping for a miracle, and actively working on them. To get a slim figure with just one green coffee is hardly realistic. Moreover, the effect of the drink on the body is in every case is individual.
However, try the green coffee even for the sake of curiosity: have any serious problems with this drink until caused none of those who tried it.