Used for local warming of the body. The heater may be any vessel with hot water.
warmer rubberthe Most common warmer in the form of various rubber bags (Fig. 1), there is electric heating pad - termofora (Fig. 2) and chemical warmers (used mainly in military field conditions).
The action of the heater is connected with active hyperemia, giving analgesic and resolving effect. Warmer shown in chronic inflammatory processes with pain (cholecystitis, colic), neuralgia, etc. Sometimes put a heating pad on top compresses to strengthen the action of moist heat.
Warmer contraindicated in acute inflammation (such as appendicitis), bleeding, bruises on the first day, when damage to the skin in malignant tumors and suspicion on them.
electric heating padto avoid burns and skin pigmentationthat appear on the site prolonged use a heating pad, the skin can be smeared with vaseline. The effect of the application warmers depends not so much on the intensity of temperature, as from the time of the procedure.