Grimaces of fate

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Fate decreed that the Emir of Hamadan, as at the time of the Bukhara Emir, too stomach ache. So Ibn Sina, Juzjani were in the chambers of the patient Shams.
Court physician supervised Ibn Sina knead on honey seeds of parsley, carrots, bitter almond, caraway and several other components. Emir swallowed healing ball of drugs and already in half an hour graciously spoke with his Savior.
With the ruler of Hamadan associated notable episode in the biography of Ibn Sina. Once Shams called the doctor and declared the desire to make his vizier, the second person in their possessions.
No matter how resisted Ibn Sina, assuring the Emir that wants to deal only with science, it solemnly clothed in rich Bathrobe, corresponding to the high title. As expected, put on the robe of the vizier has appeared easier, than to give advice to the Emir and their understanding to control subjects.
That suggested enlightened and humane man, suddenly finding themselves in power?
To exempt farmers from taxes.
To halve the army, and former soldiers to put on the construction of irrigation canal.
To lay the first school and the first hospital.
Results of activity of Ibn Sina was not slow to affect. Soldiers rebelled they wanted to fight and to plunder, and not work with a shovel. Everywhere shouted that the doctor had bewitched the Emir and is to blame for all his demonic books.
In the end, Ibn Sina himself, Juzjani and accustomed to moving bags of manuscripts and books found shelter in the home of a person who has recovered from a fever. Forty days hiding in the refuge hapless vizier, but for forty days "Canon" and the book about heart medicine has advanced considerably in its extent.
But the master of the house was spared old neighbor, who came blindness. Ibn Sina looked at it, was discharged eye ointment on your own recipe: snail poked his horns of his house, it was sufficient to Ibn Sina presented before the eyes of the Emir. Shams again became worse, and the doctor again raised to the rank of the second person of the state. Only now Emir allowed him to engage in the construction of one school - madrasah. Construction herded the peasants, who had not managed to remove the harvest from their land, and looking at them, Ibn Sina suffered contradictory thoughts. It is still more readily treated poor people and tried to help them in his own new title, but his efforts were a drop in the sea of the people's troubles.
After watching for a long time the disease physical and social, in the evening he tried to take the soul "dangerous" and godless conversations among the few trusted people.
During the military campaign, from which the doctor vizier tried to dissuade him, died to the old Emir. Ibn Sina wisely decided that it was time once again to collect the books. He turned to the leader of the neighbouring state, Isfahan, where've received a tempting invitation. His letter in the path intercepted, Ibn Blue remembered all his sins, including harbouring from the Sultan, and was thrown into prison.
Ironically, it was here that he worked for four months in a row. Medicine betrayed his enemies, medicine found him friends. In prison he was able to help his art to the chief of the guard, which was in danger of deafness. Disgraced doctor returned to his ability to re-hear the world of sounds. It was worth it to remove the chains from the feet of a prisoner, taking with him not to abuse their freedom.
And he wrote.
Subsequent events could serve as an illustration to the assertion that the fate of the insidious. Troops in Isfahan, which never came a letter to Ibn Sina, captured Hamadan, and the prisoner was released, losing his place to those who have wronged him.
It was a happy day because together with the faithful and agile, Juzjani Ibn Sina met a younger brother.