Mud baths

Mud baths - facility intended for the treatment of patients mud treatments (mud applications, mud tampons and others). There are two types of mud: 1) with individual cabins (each cabin couch for admission procedures, shower and a daybed for undressing in the cabin or in one or two isolated razdevalka when it); 2) with a common room for a vacation mud, when it shared dressing rooms and showers. The area of the hall is set at the rate of 7 m2 on a single couch for admission procedures. Industrial premises of mud: kitchen-bathroom-heating mud (water baths-thermostats, electricity, steam, in special screw machines), pools for storage of fresh and regeneration of waste mud, premises for washing of canvas and drying. As part mud baths can be branches or separate beds for vacation vaginal or rectal tampons, Department for galvano - and diathermocoagulation. In some mud heating is carried out directly in the pipe on which the mud is applied directly to the couches for admission procedures. The air temperature in the procedure, showers and razdevalka should not be lower than 25 and the relative humidity should be no higher than 60-65%.
In each mud baths established the position of senior nurses, one post nurses for every 10 couches for reception of mud procedures, on every 3-4 couch (sofa) for gynecological procedures, for every 6 beds electrographic procedures. The responsibilities of the nurse is to supervise the preparation and conduct of peloid procedures, the implementation of some complex procedures, monitoring the health of the patient during and after the mud procedures and the provision of emergency first aid. Average, nursing and ancillary staff of mud has the right to raise salaries by 15%, 12 days of additional leave and shortened working day (6 hours). Cm. also Mud treatment.