Mud treatment

mud treatmentMud (synonym velodrezina) is a method of thermal treatment with mud mineral and organic origin (peloids)and gryazepodobnyh substances (clay, wax and other). Mud originally applied only in the resorts. Currently has a wide circulation and off-resort mud treatment using imported mud. Mud in Russia most often used sludge deposits of salt water - grey-hydrogen dirt and freshwater reservoirs - sapropels, well-decomposed peat (mineralized and fresh water), less the so-called mud. The relatively high heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and high heat-retaining ability to make valuable mud teploizoplit means; heated mud very slowly and gradually gives up its heat to the body. Mud has also adsorption capability: applied to the skin, mucous membranes dirt absorbed on the surface of microbes, including pathogens.
When the mud is, in addition to the thermal factor, which plays a major role in the mechanism of action of mud procedures is essential chemical irritation of the skin and to some extent the effect of chemical substances penetrating from dirt through the skin into the body (it is proved against gaseous and other substances). The effect of mud procedures is manifested in the redistribution of blood flow in the body - enhancing blood circulation, strengthen the processes of metabolism, in particular protein, strengthening and restoration processes. Mud treatment has analgesic, resolving and desensitizing effect. In the resorts, and sometimes in non-resort atmosphere mud treatment is carried out in conjunction with treatment brine (sodium chloride water mud ponds) in the form of RPMA baths, and sometimes swimming in the lake (estuary).
There are General and local mud. As a General mud impacts on many foreign resorts share a mud bath. In the USSR is mainly the application procedure.
Mud applications, conduct General and local. More common are local, where the mud is relatively dense in consistency (to it does not spread on the body of the patient and was not squeezed out from under him) applied not to the whole body, but only on any part of it.
The technique of the procedure. The procedural couch laid polyester cloth or blanket on top of it, put a cloth, and on it a laying (a sheet of coarse canvas). Bedding in the place, where will be located the part of the body to be exposed, place a layer of dirt desired temperature (from 38 to 48 degrees) and thickness (5-6 cm for silt mud and 6-8 cm for peat). Then the patient consistently cover with a sheet, a blanket and duvet. Duration mud treatments 15-20 minutes, rarely up to 30 minutes
After the procedure the patient raskatyvayut, remove the dirt from him. He oblivaetsya under a rainfall shower with water temperature of 36-37°removed, dresses and rest 30-40 minutes in the relaxation room.
Procedures spend a day or two days with a break on the third day. The course of treatment is 12 to 18 procedures. Procedures are carried out under the control of the nurses.
In gynecological practice to apply the treatment of vaginal mud tampons, often by N. F. Bespalova-Latosol. Well disinfected thin (diameter. 3-4 cm) rubber tube 25-30 cm long by means of a special bag fill thoroughly purified from impurities mud. Closing the holes on both sides clips Moore, heated tube on a water bath to the required temperature (46-48 degrees). Before use one of the clamps off, check the temperature of the mud, then a piece of a tube open end is injected into the vagina patient lying on his back on procedural couch, and got out from him the dirt.
After the procedure the patient is ascending shower temperature of 36 - 37 C by subsequent irrigation with mineral water or solution of any disinfectant substances (temperature 38-42 degrees).
Treatment mud tampons, often combined with applications of dirt on the abdomen and pelvis, the so-called polotnyany or cowards. Procedure of introduction of mud tampons spend a day, the duration of a tampon in the vagina 30-40 minutes the Course of treatment is 12 to 18 procedures.
In chronic diseases of the rectum (proctitis, paraproctitis) and inflammatory processes in the male genital organs (prostatitis, epididymitis, funicula), at least in certain diseases of the bowel (spastic colitis), and diseases of the sexual apparatus women spend rectal mud treatment. Mud tampon enter in a direct gut syringe Barzasskogo or temperaturom Zdravomyslova. Before the introduction of the mud tampons need to empty your bladder and cleanse the bowel.
Procedure is carried out on the couch when the patient on the right side with a toned belly and his knees, slowly, so as not to cause reflex urge for a bowel movement. After the introduction of the mud tampon into the rectum of the patient is laid on his stomach, covering sheets and a blanket. 10-20 minutes he turned over on his left side. Mud tampons remains in the rectum until the urge to defecation (usually 30-60 minutes to 2 hours). The temperature of the mud 38-46 degrees. Procedures spend a day or two days with a break on the third day. The course of treatment 12 -15 procedures.

In addition to the procedures described above mud treatment, use of combined methods of simultaneous effect on the patient's body mud and electric current. These procedures include the galvanogryazelecheniya, diathermocoagulation, diathermocoagulation, gradientometry. You can perform electrophoresis liquid phase is the mud, soaking strips that are placed under the positive and negative electrodes, extract, extraction or collection of dirt. Concomitant treatment have a complex effect on the body, arising from action on the skin of dirt, electric current and injected into the patient by electrophoresis chemicals in the mud. When conducting the combined treatment mud weight in the form of cakes is like hydrophilic strip, over which impose electrodes.
Such procedures holds the nurses. The duties of nurses is to supervise the preparation and conduct of all mud procedures, their dose, observation of the patient's health, as well as rendering in necessary cases of urgent first aid.
Mud therapy is indicated for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and first of all different chronic diseases of the joints, the consequences of traumatic lesions, including by gunshot wounds, leading to limited mobility of joints, diseases of the spine, bones, muscles, tendons; diseases and consequences of traumas of peripheral and Central nervous system; diseases of male and female genital organs, some diseases of bodies of digestion; peripheral vascular disease; residual effects after burns and frostbites; some skin and other diseases.
Contraindications to the mud treatment: acute inflammatory processes, chronic inflammatory processes in the stage pronounced deterioration, malignant neoplasms, fibroids, fibroids, ovarian cysts, ovarian functional insufficiency on the grounds of endocrine diseases and others, tuberculosis; some diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart diseases in the stage of decompensation expressed by the phenomenon of atherosclerosis, advanced stage of hypertension, aortic aneurysm, heart, stenoses of the aorta), varicose veins; the diseases proceeding with a tendency to re bleeding; blood diseases, nephritis and nephrosis, marked thyrotoxicosis, infectious diseases, including venereal in acute and infectious stages, pronounced depletion. Mud is absolutely contraindicated in pathological pregnancy and normal pregnancy after 5 months. Cm. also Mud baths.