The chest cavity

the chest cavity
The chest cavity (deleted anterior chest wall): 1 - arch of the aorta; 2 - pulmonary trunk; 3 - left phrenic nerve; 4 - the pericardium; 5 - pleura; b - the right lung; 7 - superior Vena cava.

The chest cavity (cavum thoracis) lies inside the chest, but in the upper part is a bit beyond its limits, speaking at the base of the neck (above level I ribs). Below the chest cavity is limited by a diaphragm (see). The capacity of the chest cavity different depending on the growth and addition of a man; it continuously and sharp changes in the respiratory movements. In the cavity of the chest on the left and on the right are pleural bags (see Pleura), and between them - the mediastinum (see). Pleural bags can hold a light (see). In the anterior mediastinum, in the chest, is the pericardial cavity, in which lies the heart (see) and initial divisions of large vessels - aortic, pulmonary trunk and others (Fig.). In the posterior mediastinum along the spine are located trachea, esophagus, the thoracic aorta, the thoracic lymphatic duct, surrounded by tissue. The multiplicity and complexity of the chest cavity cause extreme diversity found in her pathological processes (see articles on the names of relevant bodies).