Resorts Of Georgia

There is a place perfect for rest and treatment, where all nature is a vivid example of harmony, the infinite diversity and rare beauty. Among these lucky corners of the earth belongs and Georgia is one of the most popular resort areas of the former Soviet Union. On its territory there are about a third of all mineral springs in the country. Here is created using the world famous resorts Gagra, Kutaisi, Borjomi, Abastumani, Kobuleti and other
The geographical landscape of Georgia, being a classic example of vertical zonality, presents almost the full gamut, ranging from humid subtropical to the Nival zone, making aesthetic "resources" Georgia richer than the Crimea, Krasnodar region or the Carpathians.
The greatest interest for resort construction are areas located in the black sea and mountain areas of greater and Lesser Caucasus. In addition to nature, these places attract therapeutic properties of sea and mountain climate, abundant sunshine, rich in mineral springs, which allows to successfully treat a wide range of diseases. The duration of sunshine here reaches 2000-2400 hours per year, and the height of the sun 11 months in a year exceeds 25 and over 7 months more than 45 degrees (in Leningrad, for example, the height of the sun more 25oC is 7 months of the year, and more than 45 OC 3 months). According to the observations, at the height of the sun is less than 25 degrees to the surface of the earth does not reach shortwave solar radiation, causing education in the body of essential vitamins. While symptoms "ultraviolet fast." When the sun rises at 25-45 degrees and especially more than 45 degrees above the horizon, such biologically active ultraviolet radiation comes in large numbers.
Mountain climate, allowing effective therapy, characterized by clean air, large intensity of solar, including ultraviolet radiation, causing it becomes more biologically active and the atmosphere - more sterile, and, finally, the relatively low summer temperatures, which themselves have a positive impact on vacation.
The best climate conditions has a middle mountain zone, especially in its lower part (up to 1500 m above sea level), where most Alpine resorts in the Republic (Abastumani, Tsemi, Java, Tbilisi resorts group, and other). Less is used for resort construction middle mountain zone in its upper part (from 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level). Here are only some of the resorts Bakuriani, Shovi, Lebarde, Moishe. With regard to the high altitude areas (over 2000 meters above sea level), in the medical purposes it is almost not used, as the mountain climate is too strong irritant. Piedmont and low mountain area has the resort is mainly in the presence of hydromineral resources. Therefore, its limits are the resorts Spa and balneological profile (Borjomi, Sairme, Nabeglavi, Score, Zvare, Surami).
The Georgian black sea region represents a huge 300-kilometer coastal strip,is one of the main leisure areas in the USSR. It is characterized by mild winters (average temperature of the coldest month, January, and +4 degrees), very warm in summer (average temperature of July is 22-24 degrees), significant precipitation in all seasons of the year (average for the year from 1200 to 2500 mm). However, in this area is very humid air (in the summer months relative humidity 70 - 75% and more), which leads to frequent education planatations weather having adverse effects on the human body. In this respect, in the best conditions are the resorts of the Crimea and the North-Western Caucasus. However, in comparison with them the black sea coast of Georgia has several advantages. In winter time there are not so strong winds, like the North-West coast of the Caucasus. Exceeds the Maritime area of Georgia holiday resorts and scenic landscapes. Sea and mountain landscapes, rich vegetation is represented by deciduous forests with an admixture of evergreen plants, as well as numerous species of introduced cultural plants of humid subtropics, combined with climatic factors beneficial for the human body. Essentially add value to the black sea resorts of Georgia mineral springs (Sukhumi, Makhinjauri, and others). Finally, the climatic conditions of the area allow for sea bathing within 5-7 months - more than in any other resort area of the USSR, and climatotherapy - year-round. The development of resorts in the black sea Georgia, also contributes to good availability of all kinds of modern transport.
Resorts zone inter-mountain lowlands of Georgia attract mainly with valuable mineral waters. Widely presented there mos sources (Mengjie, Tsaishi, Tbilisi), and are also slightly radioactive sources Tskaltubo and therapeutic muds (Akhtala, Kumisi).
As we see, on the territory of Georgia has the exceptionally favorable combination of various factors contributing to the widespread deployment here resort construction.
The gifts of nature in the form of mineral waters and curative climate was widely used by the Georgian people since ancient times, however, the creation of a network of modern resorts became possible only in the years of Soviet power. Currently, Georgia has become one of the leading resort areas of our country, which accounts for 13.5% of all resorts and about 5% of hospital beds sanatoriums, rest homes and boarding houses.
The scale of new promising resort construction (until 2000) are practically inexhaustible possibilities, allowing to increase the capacity of institutions for recreation and Spa treatment to one million beds.

What illness is indicated for the treatment on resorts of Georgia? In seaside resorts (for example, Cheliuskintsev in Gagra, Abkhazia in New Athos, "Adjara" Green Cape") is treated mainly cardiovascular diseases (myocardial, cardio, heart diseases, hypertension stage I and II, angioneurosis), diseases of the respiratory system and the top respiratory ways of not tubercular character, functional diseases of the nervous system. In addition, the sanatorium of a name of Lenin in the resort Gulripshi is specialized on treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. However, the main part of the TB sanatoriums concentrated in mountain resorts and first of all in Abastumani.
On the mountain resorts of Georgia treat non-tubercular respiratory diseases, secondary anaemia, functional diseases of the nervous system. Here is a large part of children's health resorts.
Mountain resorts with mineral springs, is specialized depending on the nature of these sources. The resort Borjomi successfully cured of the disease of the stomach and intestines (including chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease), liver and biliary tract, cardiovascular disease (sanatorium "Likani", "Mountain gorge", "Firuza" and others), Sairme - kidney-stone disease, chronic pality and pyelocystitis; in Java and Uzere - chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, enterocolitis, etc.
Amongst the Spa resorts of the lowland areas of the widest range of medical indications has Tskaltubo, with unique therapeutic efficiency of mineral springs. This treat diseases of motion organs, cardiovascular disease, traumatic injuries of the spine, bone diseases, diseases of peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases, etc. is well-known resorts with hydrogen sulfide waters - Mengjie, Tbilisi, Tsaishi. The mengjie, for example, indicated for the treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system, organs of movement, bones, muscles and joints of traumatic origin, peripheral nervous system, chronic radiculitis, neuralgia, etc. On mud resort Akhtala come in patients with chronic arthritis and polyarthritis, diseases of bones, muscles and tendons, nervous system and gynecological diseases.
The most favorable for treatment, of course, the summer-autumn period. But we should not forget that in July and August at the black sea coast and balneological resorts Colchis (Tskaltubo, Mengjie) hot weather, combined with high humidity has a negative effect on patients with essential hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. During these months it is expedient to recommend a stay at the seaside resorts of Abkhazia and Adjara practically healthy people. In the warm half of the year there are also all mountain resorts of the Republic.
Less favorable is the spring and winter period when the low air temperature, duration of sunshine hours is relatively small, as well as the intensity of ultraviolet radiation (excluding April and may). Dramatically increases the frequency of days with strong winds. But despite some of the worst weather conditions in spring and winter season, the results of a Spa treatment at this time, in most cases, almost the same as in the warm half of the year. And in some mountain resorts of Georgia, for example in Bakuriani, winter is the best due to excellent opportunities to combine climatic treatment with downhill skiing.