Gynecology - the branch of medicine dealing with diseases of female genital organs, their causes, developing measures for their prevention and treatment. The main sections: anatomy, physiology and pathology of the female genital organs. Gynecology is closely connected with the obstetrics (see).
Gynecology in a literal translation means "the science of woman", because the name is derived from a combination of two Greek words gyne - woman and logos - science teaching.
Due to historical terms this area of science was divided into two major departments. The first division is called the doctrine of obstetrics and regarded textbook of obstetrics, while the second division includes all the processes that occur in women in non-pregnant state. Thus, in the modern sense called "gynecology" do you understand such a medical discipline that deals with the study of diseases typical for the female body, diseases of the genital organs and those of the pathological processes which are connected with it.
In the thirties of our century from the General gynecology has allocated a special section - oncoginecology. A new type of specialists oncogynecologic. Study of oncogynecologic are tumors and precancerous processes of female genital organs, which in the structure of morbidity of women play a significant role. Currently, all oncological dispensaries there are specialized oncological departments that are the operating and radiation treatments of tumors.

                                         Table of contents

      Leading Russian scientists in the field of gynecology
Chapter 1. Organization of gynaecological services
      Features and achievements of the Soviet gynecology
      Questions deontology
Chapter 2. Research methodology gynecological patients
Objective research
            The General condition of the patient
            The situation for the study of gynecological patients
            The position of the patient
            Preparation of hands for research
            Preparation of the patient for research
            Outdoor research
            Internal investigation
            Pryamokishechnye combined study
            Inspection tools
            Additional methods of research
            Laboratory methods
Chapter 3. Anomalies of genital organs
            Abnormalities of the ovaries and tubes
            Malformations of the uterus and vagina
            The narrowing of the vagina
            Malformation of the uterus and vagina
            Malformations of the external genital organs
Chapter 4. Wrong position of the uterus
            The inclination of the uterus
            The excesses of the uterus
            Ptosis and prolapse of the uterus
            Symptoms wrong provisions of the uterus
            Eversion of the uterus
            Treatment wrong provisions of the uterus
            Prevention of wrong provisions of the uterus
Chapter 5. Violations of ovarian-menstrual cycle
Chapter 6. Inflammatory diseases of female genital organs
Common symptoms
      Gonorrheal disease
            Gonococcus and its properties
            Ways of infection
            Diagnosis of gonorrhea
            Gonorrhea lower section of sexual apparatus
Gonorrhea of the upper section of sexual apparatus
            Rising gonorrhea
            Gonorrheal endometritis
            Gonorrheal inflammation of the uterine appendages
            Parametritis, pelvioperitonit and General peritonitis
            The treatment of gonorrhea inferior genitals
            The treatment of gonorrhea top genitals
            Prevention of gonorrhea adults
            Gonorrhea in early childhood
Septic diseases
            The agents and the spread of infection
Infection with local localization
Septic infection
Prevention of septic diseases
Genital TB
Clinical course
Localization process
Syphilis (chancre) female genital organs
Parasitic diseases of female genital organs
Crab lice
Chapter 7. Infertility
Prevention of infertility in women
Chapter 8. Tumor formation and true tumors of female genital organs
Precancerous diseases of female genital organs
Tumors of the ovary
Cystic tumors of the ovary
Soedinitelnaya tumors of the ovary
Teratodinae neoplasm of ovary (teratoid tumors)
Gormonoprodutsiruyuschuyu tumors of the ovary
The symptomology and for tumors of the ovary
Diagnostics of ovarian tumors
Treatment of tumors of the ovary
Tumors of the uterus
Cervical cancer
Cancer of the womb
Sarcoma of the uterus
Cancer of the vagina
Cancer of the vulva
Acute condyloma
Cancer of the female urethra
Prevention of cancer of the female genital organs
Chapter 9. Injury to the female genital organs
Chapter 10. Emergency treatment in gynecology
Ectopic pregnancy
The twisting of the tumor
Emergency treatment for uterine bleeding
Chapter 11. Hygiene women
Hygiene in children
Hygiene of adolescent and adult women
From General hygienic mode
Hygiene menstrual period
Hygiene marriage
Hygiene menopause
Organization and methods of work on personal hygiene among women in industrial enterprises
Chapter 12. General therapy of gynecological patients
Conservative methods of treatment and care
Mode gynecological patients
Care and General therapy
The use of ice, hot compresses and heaters
The erosion treatment
Tamponade of the uterus
Treatment with tampons
Pharmacological treatments
Treatment grafting of tissues by the method B. N. Filatov
Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment
Treatment baths
Mud treatment
Massage and physiotherapy
Radiation therapy methods
Radium therapy
Surgical methods for the treatment and care of the operated patients
Preparation of the patient for surgery
Postoperative period
Brunetoochka chrevosechenie
Vaginal chrevosechenie
Plastic surgery
Scraping the uterine cavity
Back colpotomy