Habitus is a person's appearance. The idea of habitus is based on the indicators of its body (growth, weight, degree of development of the muscles and subcutaneous fat) and morphological peculiarities of separate parts of his body. The study of habitus in some cases, there is an important diagnostic value.
Methods study habitus are inspection, measurement of height, weight, the circumference of the chest, determination of the degree of development of the muscles and anthropometric indices. Habitus depends on constitutional features of the organism (see the Constitution), gender, age, heredity, and factors such as diet, occupation, exercises, etc. For habitus reflected the degree of physical development and health of the person. In some diseases, the appearance of the patient can change dramatically. So, in malignant tumors observed phenomena cachexia, when thyroid goitre is exophthalmia and other posture Changes are observed in various diseases of the spine (for example, spondylosis), peripheral nervous system (for example, if the sciatica), and other