Hemolytic poisons

Hemolytic poisons - substances that cause hemolysis penetrate the body. To hemolytic poisons include a number of chemical compounds, one encounters in industrial production (aniline, hydrogen sulfide, lead and others).
Hemolysis (see) may occur in the administration of mushrooms (see the Mushroom poisoning)via bites of poisonous snakes (see), as well as when taking certain medications (quinine, phenacetin, sodium nitrite, PASK, sulfa drugs). Treatment with these drugs are under the control of blood and cease immediately at the first signs of hemolysis. Depending on the nature of receipt of hemolytic poison and it dose hemolysis can occur acutely or chronically leaking.
Symptoms of poisoning industrial hemolytic poisons and first aid - see the article by name poisons. Cm. also Poisoning.