Haemosporidian - transmissible diseases vertebrate animals and humans caused by haemosporidian.
Haemosporidia (Haemosporidia Danilewsky) are parasitic protozoa (type Protozoa) and belong to the class of Solovyov (Sporozoa). Haemosporidia develop into red blood cells, cells of the reticulo-endothelial system, liver vertebrate hosts. The life cycle of representatives of haemosporidian connected with the change of owners. In the body of the spinal owner is asexual reproduction- schizogony, where some of the merozoites turns into gametesthat circulates in the blood line. Carriers of these parasites- mosquitoes, flies, lice, ticks. In their organism happen reproductive cycle and sporogony. The sex cellsfound in the blood, called gamonty.
Haemosporidia causes malaria (see), and in domestic animals (cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs) piroplasmosis, beasiality, and other Celerity
Haemosporidian pet cause great damage to livestock. Fighting haemosporidian animals consists in the elimination of insect vectors of haemosporidia, vaccination and treatment.