The secondary cataract

The secondary cataract (synonym Gradina) is a chronic inflammation of one or more marojevic glands.
The reason of secondary cataract - delay secret meibomian gland caused by irritation her any infectious beginning or infringement of a metabolism.
the secondary cataract is usually develops for no apparent inflammation (sometimes after nabomita), has the small dense, round tumors of different sizes, often of a pea. Leather century above them is not changed, of the conjunctiva the secondary cataract shines grayish-red hill. Often in the same century, there are two secondary cataract and more. Sometimes he alone is exposed to the surface of the conjunctiva and completely absorbed or around the hole develops granulation tissue.
Treatment. The rubbing of the skin century in the field of secondary cataract 1% yellow mercury ointment or 3% ointment of potassium iodide. When a large Agricultural and irritation of the conjunctiva is recommended surgical removal.

the secondary cataract
The secondary cataract upper eyelid

The secondary cataract (from the Greek. chalazion - knot, hardening) is a chronic disease of one or more marojevic glands, based on proliferative inflammation due to the delay of secret and likely impact of any infectious beginning. The secondary cataract occurs when a minor inflammatory phenomena, or in their absence. Microscopically: epithelium enlargement slices meibomian gland, small cell infiltration in cartilage; cloves gland itself eyelid cartilage tissue are destroyed, there is soft granulation tissue around which formed a bag of compacted connective tissue. The value of Agricultural reach 5-6 mm and more; leather century raised above it (Fig) and easily dismissed. Palpation is determined dense education in the thick cartilage century; on bandy century visible hyperemic thickened and conjunctiva above the secondary cataract, which shines a grayish color. The secondary cataract can be opened with the allocation of viscous turbid contents of its Central part, but granulation weight is not rejected and only decreases; sometimes it gives here mushroom razresheniya. Less common Agricultural exposed skin century. From meibomitis (see Barley) Agricultural different chronic course, the lack of festering I the formation of granulation tissue.
Treatment: with small Agricultural massage with 1% yellow mercury ointment; large chalazion subject to surgical removal.