Hallux valgus

hallux valgusHallux valgus - foot deformity, characterized by the rejection of the big toe outwards, towards the other fingers, and transverse platypodia (colloquially stones or lumps on legs). Under increasing strain first finger presses, presses against the rest of the fingers (Fig.); when expressed forms can dramatically isrelease, lie down on them or under them. Hallux valgus occurs most often in connection with platypodia, arthrosis the first metatarsophalangeal joint. What if this growth head I metatarsal bones leads to a mismatch between articular surfaces of bones and sliding off the main phalanx with head I metatarsal. Appears Namin soft tissues in the region increased, knobby head, where there mucous bag; the latter sometimes become inflamed. Walking becomes painful. Wearing overly tight, narrow and short, shoes contributes to the development of deformity. Adversely affected by unsustainable high heels, because the entire burden falls on the forefoot. Constantly wear soft shoes without heels also harmful, because it encourages flattened arches. Hallux valgus is more often bilateral, suffer from them in most cases women.
Treatment. In the beginning, when there was fixed a vicious finger position and pain variable, use warm baths, compresses with jelchew, UHF, ultrasound, hot sand. It is recommended to wear a spacious shoes with direct inner edge, a wide toe, low (3-4 cm) steady heel. Preferably use of orthopaedic shoes or convenient regular shoes with removable insoles-arch supports (see orthopedic Shoes). At night it is useful to preventability slices, holding a finger in the right position. In advanced cases showing surgery. When bilateral hallux valgus to operate better both feet simultaneously. After surgery for 1-2 months. foot fix the plaster casts. In the future, to avoid recurrence of deformation recommend wearing orthopedic shoes (within one year after the operation), bandaging, splinting of the first finger on the night in a position to cast, straightening. Useful exercises that strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the legs (feet, legs).
Prevention: rational shoes since childhood, special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shins, feet and fingers.