Harkany (Harkany) - the popular balneological resort in Hungary. Located in the South of the country, 28 km from, Oven, near the border with Yugoslavia. Resort building located in the luxurious huge Park, surrounded by beautiful fruit gardens and vineyards. The availability of mineral water, a valuable therapeutic qualities, as well as the mild climate of the resort attract in Harkany large number of visitors. Hot mineral springs, created the glory of the resort, have been known since the beginning of the last century and were widely used by local population for medical purposes.
Currently, the resort has three thermal spring. Low-mineralized hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium-calcium water contains sulfur, a small amount of carbon dioxide and has a temperature of 60 to 62 degrees. The formula of a chemical composition of water in the main well:

Mineral water sources used for baths, showers, irrigation and other balneological procedures, and in swimming pools.
In the USSR similar brackish baths are available in the resorts of Kuldur, Khoja Obi-Garm, Sernovodsk and other
Along with balneological treatment in Harkany is widely used physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy and climatotherapy.
There are balneology hospital, health center, several swimming pools filled with mineral water; sanatoria, rest houses, boarding houses, comfortable hotel. With one of the largest outdoor swimming pools equipped with an artificial beach.
Indications: diseases and consequences of traumas of locomotor system and peripheral nervous system, chronic gynecological diseases; skin diseases (some forms of eczema and psoriasis, which shows balneotherapy).