Paramedicine and healers

Psychics conducted energetic, and very profitable activity, curing all diseases. Of course, one of the honest psychic there are many dozens of fans of easy money. Can the emanation of the hands of honest psychics - we will speak only about them - to have some physical or physiological healing power?
Physically, today we can speak about the two possible influences. On the one hand, it is exposed to static electricity. There are people with dry skin, which, as we have already mentioned, are under the influence of friction on synthetic fabric service to accumulate significant charges of this kind. Sometimes from such a man, as we say, "beats shock". On the other hand, at the hands of the psychic can come heat. The extent to which both can be the remedy, it's hard to say. However, inspiring these objective factors as such, and most importantly environment in which manipulates the psychic, can be quite powerful.
In terms of paramedicine (so called by analogy with parapsychology, therapeutic activities okoloogilisuse sense) the most interesting phenomenon remains undoubtedly the Philippine healers (from the English. to heal -- heal), they said the whole world. In the modern legend has become traditional healers, who with his hand supposedly open in the right place the body of the patient, remove the diseased organ and the next wave; hands cause instantly and without a trace grow together edges cut Naturally raises two questions: what do healers and what are they doing this?
The main attention is still paid to the first question, though, in fact, here and then there. It is clear that the healers produce the focus. By the way, the quasi-cutting, pereselenie body is the most ancient kind of focus. From the history of illusionism is known, that for 19 centuries BC at the court of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (which gave its name to the greatest Egyptian pyramids) showed the following. A rooster cut off his head, poured streams of blood. The head and body referred from each other at a distance, then again came closer, sradivari, and revived cock crowed happily. It is clear that all the initial manipulation was done with dummy head made of wax, full of feathers, while own cock head was hidden under the wing until the right moment there are fixed. Such tricks are related to the main repertoire of the magicians of all times and peoples. Apparently, the Philippine healers are good illusionists and perform such manipulations masterfully.
So, the discussion about what are the actions of the healers - true surgery with the help of special bio-field or focus. The discussion on this side of the business disputes and over. Meanwhile, as already mentioned, there no question, the healers - illusionists. I want to draw attention to the second question, which is unfairly left in the shadows. Why healers need these tricks? What are they for many years mislead their relatives, and now guests from across the sea? I think there is something to think about.
I would say this: there is a focus entertainment and focus as treatment. In fact, the traditional purpose of illusionism is magic, so to say, jokingly, for fun. Illusionist, the speaker from the stage, obviously is an artist, the audience knows in advance that her show tricks. High skill of the artist, calling the delight of the audience and sometimes producing a true aesthetic pleasure, this is what determined that knowing about the deception, we are unable to distinguish it from the truth.
There are, however, a different category tricks that are obviously advertised as true the facts and can be called tricks seriously. In these cases, magicians appear to be not as artists, but as a magician uses deception to extract from it some good. Usually it is a matter of personal gain. History knows many such examples from shamans and magicians in uncivilized tribes to the famous Cagliostro: acting in the highest circles of the aristocracy. Is it possible to include here the Philippine sorcerers and assume that the tricks of the healers false operations pursue purely selfish goals? I think not. Of course, patients from abroad to pay for the treatment of large sums, and from this point of view the Philippine illusionism remuneration. Perhaps it's not only material but also moral satisfaction. Many centuries aliens from civilized countries fooled natives of all new developed lands, exchanging cheap trinkets on values. Now Filipinos as would take revenge, getting from civilized Yankees and other strangers high fees for the sham surgery, i.e., generating a return fooling aliens from highly developed countries. Let it be so, but not this, I believe, the purpose of the Philippine illusion. Mentioned only, so to say, a side effect. Tens of thousands of operations for its own citizens healers produce free of charge. If this is the only advertising to attract wealthy foreigners, then it is not too bulky? In addition, the healers are people people of high morality, as if Holy men. No, it's not greed. Why are these thousands and thousands of imaginary operations?
The answer suggests itself. Healers are engaged in psychotherapy is the kind of her, which acts through a certain object or situation and called mediated therapy. We have already spoken about the importance of the moral condition of the patient, the belief in her recovery; remember again the story About Henry "the Last leaf". Writer surprisingly correctly reflected the situation. In such cases, when the question "to be or not to be?" and much depends on the protective forces of the body, the psychic condition can be a decisive factor in mobilizing these protective forces. In the hands of Filipino folk healers were not fashionable medical and surgical tools, and they have adopted psychotherapeutic influence. Objectively this, of course, deceit, lie, but a lie, as they say, Holy, whose goal is to heal the sick. It should be noted that history knows and other forms of mediated by psychotherapy. Remember the shaman, who forced "evil spirits" of a sick person, no matter how Dickey were sometimes such measures, they could bring psychotherapeutic effect. Mentioned we and the curative effect of the relics of the "civilized" religions on the sick hysterical paralysis.
Of course, in the hands of the healers who are not health professionals, psychotherapy can help, but harm. It can have a positive effect in case of neuroses, under any other diseases where there is the so-called psychogenic layers, as well as with inoperable tumors, when the modern surgery is still not able to save the patient. Such patients, apparently, for the most part and taken to the healers, grasping at straws. Psychotherapy here, of course, not cures, but maybe some time to improve tone, reduce pain, and to facilitate the penultimate day of the patient (as it replaces drugs, which then still have to go). The famous physician S. P. Botkin talked about the three objectives of clinical medicine: prevent diseases, to treat already developed the disease, to alleviate the suffering of the sick person. The last task of psychotherapy of the healers, of course, largely performs. However, there is severe and often irreparable, damage, when the imaginary operation distracts the attention of the patient and his family from this surgery, which if timely implementation could save a life. So many of these cases - from appendicitis to malignant tumors, threatening, if you miss the time to become inoperable. Therefore, indications and contraindications for various treatments, including psychotherapy, can be installed only representatives of professional medicine. Outstanding clinicians always use the possibilities of psychotherapy, often mediated. So, one of the famous modern Siberian surgeon tell that to his advice was taken ill girl who after a hip fracture, long accrete, could not stand on his feet. Objective grounds for this were not. The violation was purely psychogenic. Professor staged injection of a special, extremely scarce imported capital, after which to attempt to stretch the muscles in the next 5 seconds. Was received immediate effect - patient immediately rose to his feet. Large doctors started to utilize psychotherapy, where it is needed, and how it is needed. In their hands it is always effective.