Immortelle sandy

immortelle sandy
Fig. 7. Immortelle sandy.

Immortelle sandy, sandy everlasting [Helichrysum arenarium (l). Moench] - wild plant. Contains flavonoids, sterols, carotenoids and other Broth, liquid extract, dry extract of inflorescences, and tablets of dry them concentrate - flamin (the sum of flavonoids) - is used as cholagogue when cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatitis, gepatoholetsistitah. Inflorescences are choleretic charges. Take 1 teaspoon liquid extract, 1 powder (1 d) dry extract or 1 tablet (0.05 g) of the flamin 3 times a day for 1/2 hour before meals.
Immortelle sandy, yellow cat Lanka, H. arenarium. The so-called it is not in vain. Flowers he is so dry that even cut they remain the same.
Immortelle - perennial herbaceous plant with whitish, covered with felt, stalk in height 15-30 see All plant densely downy hairs. They save the plant from death with the shortage of water. Floral calathidia are yellow. Blossoms from the end of June until September. Love sandy soil. Widely distributed in steppe areas of the European part of the USSR, Central Asia and South Siberia. In the forest zone grows in dry lichen pine forests and pine forests-belomestnykh on poor sandy soils.
In the harvesting of plants it is necessary to watch that on the same site collection was carried out through the year. For every 10 m2 thickets should be left untouched for several well-developed plants.
In young pine plantations where they loosening of rows, not waiting for the sprouts appear, to collect seeds from the plants in August - September and to sow. In a few years it will be possible to conduct industrial harvesting of plants.
Inflorescences of an immortelle sandy harvested in the beginning of flowering plants, when baskets not yet blossomed. If you collect before, they will be small, but well developed, and later begin to crumble. Therefore, the collection is carried out selectively. Tear inflorescences baskets hands or cut them. Again at this place can come in 5-7 days. And so to 3-4 times. To collect should in dry weather when you come down the dew. And make sure that the rest of the stem near the flower was not more than 1 see
To avoid mistakes in the collection, you need to remember special signs plants: dry yellow flowers, whitish felt the stalk. Otherwise, by mistake, you can gather up the cat's paw dioecious, which inflorescences-baskets pink or whitish. Ignorance is collected and dried flowers (bessmertnika). They have a large pink basket.
Traditional medicine is widely used immortelle sandy at illnesses of a liver and stomach. Modern medicine has confirmed choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties of this plant and uses it for various diseases of the liver and biliary tract.