Heliotherapy - treatment sunlight; is also of great preventive and tempering value.
Infrared rays of the sun penetrates the tissues, causing thermal effect; visible light - excitatory on the nervous system; UV - cause photochemical and biophysical reactions with the formation in the skin to vitamin D, pigment and other low standing of the sun (in the Arctic), cloudy weather (for a long time), air pollution in big cities, where people stay for a long time, for example during illness, in the premises there is a solar starvation (see Ultraviolet failure). It is expressed by a decrease in working capacity and resistance to various diseases; in children contributes to rickets. Moderate body irradiation increases the organism vital activity. Excessive exposure can cause overheating, heat stroke, burns, and in long-term excessive exposure - a General depletion, the emergence of neurotic reactions, the deterioration in the course of various diseases, certain people - skin allergic reactions.
The dosing if heliotherapy is done with the help of measuring devices and tables. The basis of dosimetry based on the reaction of redness (mild erythema) - biological dose, which corresponds to an average of 20 minutes of exposure, but finds significant individual variation. Physiological, or preventive, lowest dose of 1/8-1/10 biodozy a day. Usually, treatment and tempering start with 1/4 biodozy, and then daily exposure time is increased by the same value by bringing to the maximum allowable dose, respectively assigned to the treatment regime is weak, moderate or strong impact (1, 2, or 3-4 biodoses). After that, the exposure time is not increased. The course of treatment consists of 20-30 sessions. Children receive a radiation dose is approximately twice less. Heliotherapy is carried out in the form of General air-sun-baths and Palawan and local exposures. Possible heliotherapy concentrated rays with the help of special instruments.
The sun take lying down or in motion (gymnastics, games, etc). The sun begin and end an air-bath, after it is recommended shower or bathing. Heliotherapy is not conducted on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal. The head and eye protection. The sun take Aero tanning beds, beaches and other open areas, during cool weather in the cabins, equipped with the Windows open, verandas, glazed uviol (transparent to UV rays) glasses. To protect from the wind can and synthetic transparencies, strung above climatic areas or deck chairs, beds. Heliotherapy appoint a physician, nurse determines the duration of exposure, respectively treatment regime, meteorological conditions and the number of adopted procedures.
Sun used for treatment of many diseases (fractures with delayed Union, with bone tuberculosis, slowly healing wounds and ulcers, skin diseases and others); in the preventive purposes they should be annually. At impossibility of insolation apply ultraviolet radiation (see ultraviolet Irradiators, Votary). Heliotherapy is contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes, various serious diseases, tumors, significant circulatory disorders.