hematoma on her legHematoma - limited accumulation of blood in tissues as a result of interstitial hemorrhage. Symptoms include swelling, pain, fluctuation, sometimes bruising. If a hematoma formed as a result of rupture of an artery and communicated with the damaged vessel is determined ripple (pulsating hematoma).
Treatment: in the first 3-4 days - rest, ice, compression bandage; subsequently, the reduction of critical phenomena (pain, swelling) - the use of heat, massage, curative gymnastics until resorption of hematomas. For large haematomas recommended puncture, sucking the blood and the imposition of a pressure bandage. With festering hematoma - cut, subsequent treatment, as when the abscess. Opening pulsating hematoma dangerous error, leading to dangerous bleeding. Treatment hematoma joint - see Hemarthrosis, Knee joint.