Hemochromatosis (more correctly siderophile; synonym: bronze diabetes, liver cirrhosis) is a disease associated with increased absorption of iron from the digestive tract and his deposition in the tissues. In the basis of the disease is a violation of metabolism of iron. The disease is rare, begins with the appearance of bronze skin colour, then develops cirrhosis, increased spleen, appear ascites, gemorragii. As a later complication occurs diabetes. The life expectancy of patients from 2 to 12 years; death comes mostly from progressing cachexia.
Treatment: acute restriction in food products containing iron (most rich in iron liver, tongue, bean products); to prevent iron deposits in the liver and the pancreas - re-phlebotomy; symptomatic funds.

Fig. 2. Pancreas with hemochromatosis. Fig. 3. The liver when hemochromatosis