hemoglobinometer minigem 540Hemoglobinometer (synonym geometry) - devices for definition of quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. In the basis of definition is the evaluation in one way or another the intensity of colouring divorced hemoglobin or its derivatives (hydrochloric gelatina, cyanmethaemoglobin and so on). The simplest and most common is geometr type Saly - GS-3, which diluted hydrochloric acid (0.1 N.) blood compared to eye with the standard of hydrochloric acid gelatine. More accurate methods are based on the formation of cyanmethaemoglobin, and colorimetry with objective evaluation of colouring with a photocell. The last principle is built retrogamer and more advanced photovoltaic geometr - GF-1. In the absence of them can be used for determination of haemoglobin any elektrofotografie (FEC), otkalibrovani his blood standard COLIC. Technique of work with geometra - see the Blood.