Blackwater fever

Blackwater fever (synonym malarial the hemoglobinuria) - acute intravascular collapse of red blood cells (hemolysis)arising in patients with malaria or some other infection after taking quinine and some other antimalarials (Akrikhin, plasmacid, plasmokhim, atebrin and others), as well as under the influence of unfavorable factors of environment (cooling and others)- Hemolysis usually lead to hemoglobinemia and sharp hemoglobinuria.
The clinical picture. High fever, headache, excessive vomiting bile, jaundice, urine color black beer, dark stool. The patient is very weak, he is strong shortness of breath. In blood little hemoglobin (2-4 g%), hypochromia, anisoles, poikilocytosis, erythrocytes, leucocytosis with a shift to the left. Serum yellow, the content of free bilirubin it increased in response to bilirubin indirect. Complication can be renal failure with anuriei , and uremia. With proper treatment, the prognosis is good.
Treatment: lifting drug, causing hemolysis; heart funds (caffeine-benzoate sodium - 1 ml of 10% solution under the skin and so on), for shortness of breath oxygen; the warming of the kidneys, intravenous administration of a 40% solution of glucose and isotonic solution of sodium chloride, excessive drinking, corticosteroids (by prescription).
With the development of severe anemia recommended RBC transfusions made by the physician after special serological study of compatibility of the red blood cells of the donor and serum of the patient.