Emaperiod - accumulation of blood in the pericardium cavity in the result of the bleeding. Causes of bleeding wound or heart breaks when aneurysms. In the pericardium may accumulate from 200 to 400 ml of blood, rarely more.
Extensive wound pericardium or obliteration of its cavity emaperiod may be small. When the pericardium extremely prolonged blood, creates an obstacle for normal work of heart - the so-called tamponade heart. This venous pressure rises, blood pressure falls.
Symptoms of hemopericardium: pressing dull pain in the heart, a sense of fear, nausea, then the unconscious, falling heartbeat, shortness of breath, cyanosis person. Heart tones are deaf, percutere expanding borders of the heart.
Occurs anemia of the brain that can lead to death.
If you suspect emaperiod require immediate hospitalization to the surgical hospital.