The term "hemorrhoids" means any bleeding. In medicine since ancient times this name was given disease specific pryamokishechnye veins, the most common manifestation is bleeding from the rectum. Specified disease is associated with varicose veins hemorrhoid plexus. It occurs quite frequently in people of both sexes in middle and old age. Often it causes a combination of factors anatomical, physiological and pathological character. These include, in particular, include the lack of valves in the discharge hemorrhoidal vein plexus, prolonged stay of people at work, standing and sitting, pregnancy and childbirth, long persistent constipation, a sharp physical stress (for example, weightlifting), the habit of hot and spicy food, diseases of the small pelvis (inflammation, tumors), causing compression of the lateral veins, and so on
There are two forms - external and internal hemorrhoids. At the external hemorrhoids occur varicose veins external hemorrhoid plexus, which lies under the skin around the anus. The result is the formation of hemorrhoids, skin folds (fringes) hanging outside on the edge of the anal rings. Sometimes these sites grow to significant size and take the form of large petals. Swelling, they cause discomfort when walking, can irritate the skin of the anus, the maceration and itching.
In case of internal hemorrhoids knots are on the mucous membrane of the rectum above the so-called Grebeshkova line. Sites these are usually round or spindle shape and often wide basis. They usually covered with a smooth mucosa and at squeeze your finger emptied. Only in relatively rare (running) cases hemorrhoids are finely tuberous surface, resembling in appearance mulberry berries and raspberries.
Common symptoms of hemorrhoids are: bleeding during bowel movements, loss of sites out through the anal canal, recurring inflammation with swelling of the sites, their thrombosis (and sometimes gangrene).
Bleeding during bowel movement is the most typical and frequent symptom of hemorrhoids. It occurs mainly from internal hemorrhoids. The amount of blood that is allocated during defecation, can vary within wide limits - from poor staining of toilet paper to heavy blood loss, sometimes requiring urgent blood transfusion. Usually the blood is bright red, but occasionally it can have purple and even dark shade (when the blood collects in the gut before defecation).
The allocation of dark blood in the form clots may occur in the beginning of defecation. Some patients say that bleeding bowel movement happens in the form of spraying jets (this is very typical for internal hemorrhoids).
The aggravation of hemorrhoids primarily affects internal hosts, external involved in the process due to the spread of inflammatory infiltration in the area of the anus and its external opening. Meets less often isolated inflammation separate external hemorrhoids. Just in such patients can observe the formation of one of the outer nodes rounded or oval clot, very painful pressure.
Clinical episodes of acute hemorrhoids are characterized by sharp pain, especially when urinating, walking, and sometimes with a slight movements even in bed. Some patients are so in pain that they have to prescribe painkillers.
Loss of inner nodes occurs quite often. Sites fall during defecation and spravlyayutsya either alone, or in patients with fingers. In a further loss of nodes is simple light, natureway. It should be noted that the loss of nodes often accompanied by a relaxation of the tone of the external sphincter. Then relax it is the direct cause of the loss of nodes. Subsequent violation tone outer pulp nodes begin to fall at the slightest physical tension, even when walking.
In case of internal hemorrhoids bleeding complaints on pain during defecation, and after it can point to the emergence of cracks in the rear passage.
Most patients have very long course of the disease for 20 years or more. Patients who were aware of the nature of his illness, relatively little concerned about recurrent bleeding. Only in cases of abundant blood loss or frequent episodes of exacerbation they consent to the operation.
We note in this connection that bleeding from the back passage is typical not only symptom of hemorrhoids, but such terrible diseases as cancer. However, for cancer of rectum and sigmoid colon is more typical is the allocation dirty bloody mucus or dark clots before defecation and mixed with faeces.
In spite of everything said, the experience teaches that in all cases of bleeding from the rectum diagnosis can be finalized only after a detailed finger research and other objective methods.
Bleeding internal hemorrhoids without loss of nodes and frequent exacerbations not always require operative intervention. If bleeding does not lead to anemia, do not cause headaches and General malaise, therapy such hemorrhoids should be conservative.
Great influence on hemorrhoidal bleeding has food. It is well known that a small dose of alcohol (even beer) can cause a rich hemorrhoidal bleeding. This also applies spicy, salty, and other irritating dishes. Therefore, first of all food should be completely excluded alcoholic drinks and all sour, salty and spicy (herring, mustard, horseradish, pepper, pickles, sauerkraut, etc).

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