Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the lower section of the rectum and anus. Developing with congenital or acquired weakness of venous walls. Contributes to the development of hemorrhoids overflow blood veins of the rectum as a result of excessive natureline (straining on bowel movement for chronic constipation, heavy physical work, and so on) or venous congestion in small pelvis caused by a sedentary lifestyle, sexual excesses, the pressure of a pregnant uterus, tumors and other Varicose veins (hemorrhoids) can be higher than the sphincter, rectum (internal nodes) and below it (exterior).
Hemorrhoids occur in middle and old age, are more often affected men. The disease begins moderate pain in the rectum, mainly when urinating and after it. Then observed vihodnie nodes from the anus, and after defecation they spravlyayutsya back. Very early may receive blood from the nodes. The blood in the form of several drops are found in the stool or pouring out a stream at the end of defecation. Outside the bowel bleeding may occur in case of damage of the external site.
As the disease drop nodes stop vplavlyatsya, the patient is forced after defecation put them himself. In the future, the loss of the nodes takes place regardless of defecation, constantly; released mucus irritates the skin of the perineum, appears itching.
Complications - thrombosis and inflammation of hemorrhoids, infringement fallen nodes, persistent bleeding. At the inflammatory process, there are burning pain at the edges of the rear passage formed by one or more nodes rounded, bluish color, solid, sharp pain. Infringement of hemorrhoids causes sharp pain; from anus bulge large sites with raids mucus, pus. The patient is unable to exercise them. The sphincter of the anus spasticeski reduced. With long-term infringement occurs gangrene fallen nodes. Persistent bleeding Deplete the patient, the content of hemoglobin decreases, develops anemia, a person gets sick characteristic appearance (greyish pallor circles around the eyes).
Recognition of hemorrhoids are usually not difficult, but similar symptoms may sometimes cause cancer, the gut polypus. Each patient with hemorrhoids should be sent to the surgeon. During the inspection of the anus during natureline patient visible increased bluish nodes. Digital examination of the rectum necessary.
hemorrhoid photoTreatment of uncomplicated hemorrhoids in the early stages of the fight against constipation (mild laxatives - rhubarb, Purgen 2 tablets per day, Pulvis Glycyrrhizae compositus on 1 table. L.-a-day diet, rich in fruit and vegetables) and the stagnation of blood in the pelvis (walking, cool sitting baths after defecation), candles with a benzocaine, an extract krasavki and other inflammation of the outer nodes appoint cool gadgets from the liquid Burova, warm sitting baths, a mild laxative. Rough mistake is to set the infection of the nodes in the anus. When fresh infringement (without gangrene) needs careful lumbar nodes finger greased with vaseline, in the knee-elbow position of the patient; you can pre-enter under the skin morphine or omnopon (1 ml of 1% solution). In more severe cases frequent complications of hemorrhoids, the growth of anemia, as well as in case when the fallen internal nodes stopped vplavlyatsya self - operation.
Preparation for surgery: 2 days - liquid food for a day or laxative (castor oil), the night before the operation - a depuration enema, the morning of the operation - the hungerinside tincture of opium 7-8 drops. Operation is performed under local anesthesia. Is flashing, bandaging and partial separation of hemorrhoids.
After the operation is prescribed tincture of opium for 7-8 drops 2-3 times a day, liquid milk-free diet. On the 4th day of tincture of opium cancel, on the 5th day give laxative and assign a common table. After surgery is often the delay urination, requiring catheterization.
Prevention: combating constipation, translation in light work, the prohibition of hot, spicy and rough food, alcohol, exercise therapy. These measures are necessary and in the period of treatment in patients with severe hemorrhoids.