Hemorrhoid treatment

Of great importance in the treatment of hemorrhoid bleeding has bowel movements. If the patient suffers from persistent constipation or defecation accompanied by a strong straining effort, it is necessary to take certain measures. To soften stool recommended plant foods that are rich in fiber. Good effect: three boiled red beets average, finely chopped, filled with a table spoon of sour cream or sunflower oil; infusion of prunes with 6-8 berries; two apples, polished grate; a glass of carrot juice, fresh curdled milk or day of kefir. Any of these dishes eaten before going to sleep, promotes softening of the stool.
Beneficial influence vaseline oil, one tablespoon of which is assigned before bedtime.
Unfortunately, often these recommendations are not sufficient. Combating constipation therefore requires a more detailed discussions. It should be noted here that when there is bleeding hemorrhoids should not use salt laxatives, and it is desirable to use extracts from a mixture of laxative herbs (Alexandria sheet, buckthorn bark, yarrow, dill seed).
Local treatment is applied to stop bleeding hemorrhoid veins. To this end, 2 times a day (at night and after a chair appointed by candles.
In addition, to stop bleeding inside assigned a 10%solution of calcium chloride (1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day).
Surgical treatment for bleeding internal hemorrhoids are shown in the cases when there is a tendency to anemia and low hemoglobin levels. Of course, with considerable loss of blood accompanied by a sharp drop of hemoglobin, the operation should be carried out promptly and with simultaneous blood transfusion.
There is another method to stop the bleeding. It involves the insertion in internal hemorrhoids so-called sclerosant, solutions that cause clotting in the node with its subsequent Cicatricial by shrinkage. As such funds available 5%solution of carbolic acid in almond oil, 20%solution of sodium chloride, etc.
Good result gives a sclerosing solution of the following composition: 100 ml of 5%solution novokaina - base in persikovom oil, 5 grams of crystalline carbolic acid and 0.5 g of menthol. In each of hemorrhoidal site is entered 2 ml of this solution. As a rule, only two sessions with a break in between 10-14 days.
Method of injection of sclerosing very effective for the treatment of bleeding internal hemorrhoids, but only under one condition: if internal hemorrhoids do not fall out of the back passage (otherwise possible severe complications).
Treatment with thrombophlebitis gemorroidalnyh site is aimed at the resolution of the thrombus. The first 3-4 days you want in bed. Food should be non-irritating. Alcohol is completely excluded.
It is extremely important to follow the work of the intestine. As you know, in a healthy person defecation should be performed daily. Many people due to certain habits or living conditions have a bowel movement a day, but it should not be considered a pathology. In addition to the main symptoms of constipation (no chair for several days)specified disorder is expressed by a number of other symptoms - defecation several times a day in small portions, sensation of incomplete emptying of the bowel, intermittent compensatory "stop" diarrhea, violation adopted for this person rhythm of defecation.
If defecation is accompanied by some straining effort, it makes sense before bed to take a mild laxative or drink half a glass of an infusion of the above herbs.
In cases of persistent constipation should resort to a cleansing enema. We must remember that abundantly greased with vaseline enema tip should be conducted into the anal canal on healthy wall of the anus, so as not to hurt tight painful knot. Cleansing enema in these cases has certain advantages over laxatives - it contributes to some extent to relax the sphincter and the best cleanse the bowel.
Topically to suck blood clot assigned Seating warm (34-35 C) manganese bath for 10 - 15 minutes in Addition, 2 times a day entered candles (extract of belladonna 0,015, novocaine 0,12, kseroforma 0,1, streptocide 0,08, base oil of cocoa - up to 2.0) and superimposed compress tar ointment oil kseroforma by 6,0, benzocaine 2,0, castor oil to 200,0.
If after 10 days of onset dense not clot begins to dissolve, it is recommended that a small surgical intervention, which can be successfully performed on an outpatient basis. It lies in the fact that over the clot's done intradermal anesthesia of 0.5% solution novokaina (2 ml). After that, through a small incision of the skin is fairly easy velosipeda a blood clot. Remaining in his place cavity is treated with 3%-s ' solution of peroxide of hydrogen.
Remove a blood clot immediately brings significant relief: disappear severe pain and discomfort that the patient has experienced, for example, when walking.
If a blood clot in the external hemorrhoid site is not accompanied by an aggravation of internal hemorrhoids and local inflammatory reaction, it husking of the site can be done in the earlier period, even in the first days of the disease.
Generally external hemorrhoids (if it does not cause maceration, itching, soak and is not accompanied by inflammation and thrombosis) does not require special treatment. To prevent complications recommended ordinary activities - particularly thorough washing after defecation, manganese bath.
In that case, if the nodes reach large sizes, often become inflamed or cause itching and maceration, it is reasonable to recommend to remove them surgically. The operation also shows if the hemorrhoid is complicated by the fissures.
Surgical treatment of large external hemorrhoids is their excision. While excising as oval petal skin fold (fringe) and part of the mucous membrane of the anal canal. The latter fact is especially important, since a circular excision mucosa (all around the anus) is fraught with serious complication is the development of cicatrical stenosis of the anus, which requires repeated operation. When excision of the external hemorrhoid fringes should always remember about the necessity of preserving between Ranok bridges mucosa. As we can see, even such a seemingly simple operation requires well-known experience, knowledge and fine workmanship.
Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids is a direct indication for surgery. It is especially necessary when the drop-down hemorrhoids periodically inflamed, swollen and have a tendency to thrombosis.
The most common technique of operative intervention in internal hemorrhoids consists in the following. Under General or local anesthesia is stretching sphincter. It is necessary, first, to remove all internal hemorrhoids, including highly placed, which is often the main source of bleeding. Secondly, only in good relaxation of the sphincter can be expected rapid healing of postoperative wounds anal canal.
Then diluted region anal and clips Luara in turn captured internal hemorrhoids. The mucous membrane at the base of each node adskaya, after which the base leg node) stitched silk ligature, Perevoznaya, and the node is clipped. Under the remaining stump is entered 2 ml of 2%solution novokaina to reduce post-operative pain and prevent swelling.
The patients, operated on the occasion of loss of internal hemorrhoids, as a rule, have and exterior. These nodes, regardless of size, must be excised in the form of oval petals separation between Ranok "bridges" of the mucosa.
Excision of the fringes is important not only because they may further require a second operation, but also because they are usually complicated postoperative period is swollen, increases the pain and make it difficult for defecation.
It is important to emphasize that forms on the site istechenii fringes narrow wounds are best drainage outflow for wound discharge of postoperative wounds in the anal canal.
During surgery (excision of internal hemorrhoids) should make a thorough audit of the anal canal. Discover engorged nipples, papilloma, and other pathological education removed.
Thus, the operation hemorrhoids must be very skilled. From how it is made, depends the future health of the patient. However, surgical treatment at the combination of internal hemorrhoids may not always be realized. You must be careful to approach the issue of surgical treatment of patients after myocardial infarction, and suffering from attacks of angina. In these cases it is recommended conservative measures aimed at prevention of possible complications (loss anal, channel, inflammation and thrombosis nodes).
Such treatment-and-prophylactic measures include first and foremost the regulation chair with the help of diets and laxatives. In no event it is impossible to avoid delays chair even for 2-3 days. In the absence of effect from the use of laxatives should not be neglected purifying enemas, who are appointed in the morning to watch the natural bowel movements. Enema is of boiled water of room temperature in the volume of 1 liter To events; a warning complications are also daily (after the chair) sitting manganese bath (35 - 36 C) and candles specified already composition. Before the introduction of the candle liberally smeared vaseline ointment.
However, the operation can only be carried out by 1 - 1.5 months after the elimination of inflammatory phenomena. Here it is appropriate to recall that the outflow of blood from the internal hemorrhoid veins happens not only in the system of inferior Vena, but in the system of portal vein. It's understandable why any active intervention on inflamed veins (including attempts to set loose nodes hand) is fraught with the danger of isolation septic clot and the occurrence of serious complications such as thrombosis of the veins of the pelvis, liver abscesses and philaflava.
Inflammation of internal hemorrhoids typically proceeds in hard. Fallen hemorrhoids swell, increase, and therefore the anal canal is expanded, anus gaping. All this is accompanied with sharp pain, throbbing. Temperature can increase to receive the chills.
External hemorrhoids themselves inflamed rare, but they are almost always involved in inflammation of the internal nodes.

Treatment of inflammatory process consists in the following. Strict bed rest is required for 7-14 days. The chair is desirable to delay for 4-5 days. To this end, the tendency to constipation enough to assign this template shall not diet: protein omelet, meat beef broth, meat Gachet (boiled meat, provernut through Mincer), mucous rice or Pradelna porridge (on the water with a small piece of butter), white crackers (3-4 during the day and drink plenty of water (4-6 glasses hardly sweetened tea).
In the first two days of place inflamed nodes are attached cool gadgets from the weak manganese solution To this in the enamel bowl filled with manganese solution and added pieces of ice, a Cotton swab soaked in this solution, applied to inflamed sites every 15 minutes during 1,5-2 hours (3-4 sessions per day).
Two days later recommended novocaine blockade in thickness sphincter (40 ml 0.25%novokaina solution with the addition of 200 thousand units of penicillin and 250 thousand units of streptomycin). After the siege on the area of the anus and inflamed nodes placed wide compress Vishnevsky ointment, who left for two days. Since 4-5 days, assigned daily manganese bath (34 C), candles and again compresses with Vishnevsky ointment.
Severe inflammation with symptoms trombophlebitis runs long, sometimes 3-4 weeks.
A few words about how to prevent hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidal veins have one anatomical feature that is that they are unlike other veins deprived valve system, promote blood outflow.
Thus, the anatomy already created preconditions for venous stagnation, varicose veins and formation of hemorrhoids. If there are additional circumstances, also contribute to venous stagnation, then there are the symptoms of hemorrhoids is bleeding, loss of nodes inflammation.
Such additional reasons as long stay in a sitting position, strong physical stress (especially lifting weights), inflammatory and tumor diseases of genitals, causing compression of the veins, blood flowing from hemorrhoid plexus. We should mention liver diseases, in particular of cirrhosis was associated with increased pressure in the portal vein.
To avoid the development of hemorrhoids is necessary to carry out a series of preventive measures.
Often times, parents teach a child to sit there for hours. This leads to increased blood content of the rectum, which creates prerequisites for the formation of hemorrhoids. Therefore, since the childhood it is necessary to educate the child reflex on a chair in the same hours and ensuring that the act of defecation was carried out as quickly as possible.
Not less important mode of supply. You should not abuse spicy food, and especially alcohol. Often the only manifestation of hemorrhoids is bleeding. And sometimes it is enough to exclude from the food spicy dishes and all even the light alcoholic beverages, not resorting to other forms of therapy that almost came cure. No matter how patient was treated, but if it continues even in small quantities to drink vodka, cognac, wine, hemorrhoids will progress.
When work on the long seat, it is recommended that two or three times a day for 5-7 minutes to do gymnastics. For the prevention of hemorrhoids there are the following complex of gymnastic exercises:
walking with high lifting the legs bent at the knees; the flight movements alternately left and right leg forward, back and to the side;
the slopes in hand (legs shoulder-width apart, arms along the body);
voltage buttocks while simultaneously pulling the anus (hands on his belt, heel and socks together); squat on their toes, wide spreading knees.
To finish these exercises must first exercise.