Hemotherapy (treatment with blood - transfusion of whole banked blood and its components (plasma, erythrocyte, lejkovina and trombotsitnoy estate) with the substitution (for example, with significant blood loss) and stimulating (for example, when autohemotherapy) purposes. In the medical practice well as the products derived from blood albumin, fibrinogen, antigemofilny globulin, gamma globulin, thrombin and other
Under the hemotherapy in children is commonly understood as treatment intramuscular blood. Hemotherapy increases resistance. Indicated for patients without high reticulocytosis, chronic disorders of nutrition, protracted and chronic pneumonia, sepsis, in the recovery period, when low reactivity of organism. Indications are active TB and state reaktivnost of the body.
For haemotherapy use blood healthy mother or father. Necessarily determine the compatibility of blood on rhesus factor (see) in girls and observance of asepsis. Blood in the amount from 2 to 10 ml taken from the ulnar vein donor syringecontaining 0.1 - 0.5 ml of 5% solution of sodium citrate, and after mixing injected into the muscles of the buttocks of the child: the injections make 1-2 times a week. The course of treatment is 3-5 injections. The result of haemotherapy appreciate in blood after 2-3 injections. To combat sluggish current processes can be applied autohemotherapy (see). Cm. also a blood Transfusion.