Hemothorax - accumulation of blood in the cavity of the pleura, most often due to internal bleeding in trauma (especially with a gunshot wound) of the lung. May develop when lung cancer, tuberculosis, scurvy. The clinical picture of hemothorax depends on the number streamed blood. A small cluster of causes of chest pain, cough. With the rise of hemothorax join the symptoms of internal bleeding (see), with the pressure of a light, displacement of bodies of mediastinum - shortness of breath, cyanosis, forced sitting position of the patient, heart disorder. Data percussion and auscultation of the chest are the same as in vpotnye pleurisy (see). When pleural puncture in punctate found the blood. Rapid growth of large hemothorax threatened with death. If the bleeding has stopped, hemothorax can dissolve (large hemothorax - at 10-12 weeks and longer).
Treatment. When increasing the big hemothorax - urgent operation to stop internal bleeding. To evacuate the wounded to hospital on a stretcher in a semi-sitting position; in the case of severe coughing - injection of morphine (1 ml of 1% solution). When hemothorax to stop the bleeding - puncture (see the Chest) for sucking streamed blood (from 3-4 days after the injury, aspiritual by 500-600 ml of fluid every 1-2 days, repeating puncture 2-3 times). If the suction is not possible, the necessary thoracotomy (see). At small hemothorax shown peace, antitussives and antibiotics. In the case of a festering of hemothorax treatment, as when introducing pleurisy.