Henopodievoe oil

Henopodievoe oil (Oleum Chenopodii; synonym: Chenopodiaceae oil, Aetheroleum Chenopodii; list B) are essential oil, obtained from Marie antihelminthic (Chenopodium anthelminticum L.). Contains 60-80% of ascaridole, which is the main active ingredient. Shown when askaridoze and ankilostomidoze. Treatment in stationary conditions. Contraindications: diseases of liver, kidney, stomach ulcer and sharp diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy, organic diseases of the nervous system. Higher dose for adults - 2 ml (once). Possible complications: nausea, vomiting, bradycardia, sometimes, loss of consciousness, convulsions, impaired vision and hearing. Keep henopodievoe oil in well corked bottles in a cool place. Cm. also a sedative.