Hepato-linaly syndrome

Hepato-linaly syndrome (synonym hepatic and splenic syndrome) - enlarged liver and spleen in a joint involving in pathological process. Close anatomical (common blood and lymph circulation, innervation) and functional (participation in blood formation and kirovogradschini) communication contribute to combined defeat of these bodies. The reasons hepato-litelnogo syndromes: acute and chronic infections and intoxications (abdominal or relapsing fever, acute septic endocardit, sepsis, malaria, syphilis and others), hepatitis, cirrhosis, lesions of blood-forming organs (leukemia, a disease Addison - Biermer, eritremia, hemolytic anemia , and others)" thrombosis in the system of portal and splenic vein, amyloidosis and other Treatment should be aimed at elimination of the main etiological factor. At the same time should be conducted and therapies recommended for diseases of the liver and spleen.