Herbalife for weight loss: the benefits and harms

In the 90-ies of the last century the country has imported biologically active additive - Herbalife. Thousands of people, who sought to reduce your weight, improve the body, to cleanse it from slags, toxins started to take an unknown drug. But did it bring benefit? What harm was inflicted on the people who took tool?

What is Herbalife?

Under this name appeared biologically active additive in structure of which there are natural components of plant origin. However, on detailed composition of the product is practically unknown because the company that produces it, is more focused on advertising miraculous effects. Are just some of the ingredients that are part of Herbalife: protein (whey and soy), vitamins and minerals, calcium Caseinate, cellulose.

The use of the additive

About the benefits of biologically active additives to judge too hard, as it helps to lose weight and improve the body is not all. Herbalife saturates the body with the missing nutrients, improves metabolism. Taking it to lose weight, people celebrate the arrival of a sense of satiety. Impact additive and the skin, the skin is purified, become more elastic and smooth.

Contained in the drug fiber has a positive effect on the digestive system. Better digestion and absorption of food is key to ensuring that the extra weight will not settle down in the form of fat.

How to take a Supplement?

To reduce weight and maintain it at the same level produce a variety of tools. Depending on their form the reception is different. Tableted drugs usually take 1-2 tablets three times a day. While it is best to drink during the meal.

Also available in bulk product designed for making a protein cocktail. It is prepared on the basis of skim milk (250 ml of liquid take 2-3 tablespoons of powder). To use for a cocktail, between meals, it perfectly dulls the sense of hunger.

Harm supplements

Before taking any proposed drug is bound to read the instructions, and will not prevent consultation with the doctor. Not all people Herbalife will benefit, very often biologically active additive causes deterioration. What is the reason? It turns out that in structure of weight loss products contains caffeine, which manufacturers are seldom mentioned. This substance has a negative impact on the state of cores and people suffering from hypertension. It increases blood pressure, provokes occurrence arrythmia and tachycardia.

In biologically active additives was also found ephedrine - vegetable component, which leads to a reduction in weight. However, for the health of it can be dangerous, as it causes rapid heartbeat, provokes occurrence of insomnia and nervous disorders. Regular use of drugs with ephedrine may develop depression. If you exceed the recommended doses often develops a heart attack or stroke.

About harm of Herbalife much is said, but the greatest harm is that manufacturers recommend to reduce the caloric content of the food consumed to a record low. Even the hardest diet suggests that the intake of about 1000 kcal, producers of Herbalife call be limited to 700 kcal. They argue that the missing nutrients person will receive from the miracle drug. However, the use of low-calorie food often leads to the development of atherosclerosis. Quite often people, who adhere to recommendations of manufacturers of additives, begin to suffer mental illness.

Is the harm in the fact that in the long admission funds disrupted the liver and digestive system, people develop diabetes often suffer attacks migrainebuy pain. It was also noted that at the use of biologically active supplements weight is reduced, however, after the refusal of Herbalife he returns again. Often the weight exceeds the original figures doubled.


Herbalife is contraindicated in many diseases of internal organs. It is not recommended to struggle with excess weight with the help of supplements heart problems and high blood pressure. You cannot take money for people with diseases of the digestive tract, liver problems, diabetes, migraine.

Herbalife slimming - well advertised product. It can benefit the body, but quite often there is the emergence of health problems. To accept Herbalife? Everyone decides for himself. The main thing to remember is that a dietary Supplement is not a panacea, but only a product with a balanced quantity of useful substances.