Hermaphrodite - adult Greek mythology; it is a bisexual being, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, which was the will of the gods is connected with nymph Salmonidae, so that their bodies images Wali one.

Hermaphroditism (androgeny, duprost, intersexuality) is a malformation, characterized by the presence of one individual characteristics of both sexes. For the true hermaphroditism (rare) is characterized by the presence of the ovary and testicles. More common cross-form, i.e. on one side of the egg, on the other ovary. When true hermaphroditism duprost concerns not only the sex glands and internal genital organs. External sex organs can be built on male (Fig) or female type or have a mixed structure. Often internal reproductive organs are lagging behind in their development. Secondary sexual characteristics often are mixed, the severity of symptoms either men or women depends on the function of sexual glands.
When false hermaphroditism (pseudohermaphroditism), which is observed more often true hermaphroditism, sex glands formed on a certain, male or female, type, but there are variations in the structure of the external genital organs.
Hermaphroditism may be suspected in the presence of the child hypospadias in combination with cryptorchidism (see), underdeveloped penis, reminiscent of enlarged clitoris, forked scrotum, like large labia. For the diagnosis of hermaphroditism use the definition of sex chromatin (see) and hormones in the blood and urine, x-ray examination (retropropulsion), in some cases, diagnostic laparotomy.
Of particular importance in hermaphroditism give the definition of gender. The sooner it will be determined, the less the risk of trauma to the individual. The most easy to do it in under 2 years. To sex selection should be strictly individual.
Treatment of hermaphroditism operational and hormonal. Cm. also Adrenogenital syndrome.

True hermaphroditism is characterized not only by the presence of male and female elements in the sex glands, but also the simultaneous functioning of each gland according to their sex; true hermaphroditism in humans is not known.
The question of dynastie (hermaphroditism) arises from the uncertainty of the structure of external or internal genital organs or inconsistency between the structure of the sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics. This condition correctly be called a false hermaphroditism, or pseudohermaphroditism, for Paul is not determined by the structure of the sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics, and exclusively sexual gland in its operating characteristics.
False dynastie is divided into male and female.
For female pseudohermaphroditism has significantly enlarged clitoris with sharply expressed the foreskin, fusion large and small lips; the sex glands of the female type.
Male pseudohermaphroditism male sex gland type. Underdeveloped penis like engorged clitoris; the opening of the urethra is placed lower on underdeveloped penis; split scrotum like large labia; testicles or not descend from the abdomen, or felt in the inguinal canal or in large lips. Male hermaphroditism is more common for women, and on this basis, in doubtful cases should be considered as one of such persons to a male.