Herpes (herpes) is an infectious viral disease of the skin. Distinguish herpes: 1) simple Bidwill zoster (Нerpes simplex), the agent which is filterable virus ispathogenic not only for man but for some animals, and 2) shingles (herpes zoster), the agent which is filterable virus, close to the varicella-zoster virus, which is evidenced by the possibility of infection with chickenpox children from adults, patients with herpes zoster, and Vice versa. Herpes zoster occurs more frequently as the primary disease, but sometimes complicates pneumonia, pleurisy, leukaemia and other diseases.
herpes simplex Herpes simplex - acute simultaneous precipitation group closely crowded bubbles with serous content on the background of limited swollen pink patches (Fig); accompanied by itching, tingling, or pain. After 3-4 days the bubbles dry up in brown or skrivas, form some minor erosion. Consistently crisp fall away, erosion epiteliziruyutsya and on 6-8 day cold sore heals. Favourite localization: the circumference of the mouth and nose, less cheeks and ears; often observed on the genitalia in men in the area of the head and shaft of the penis, women in the region of large and small lips (genital herpes), and on the buttocks; can affect the mucous membranes. Herpes simplex is often accompanied by some common infectious diseases (flu, pneumonia, malaria and others) or occurs independently after hypothermia, trauma (for example, extraction of a tooth), drug or food intoxication. Some people with herpes simplex often recurs in the same place. In the localization of herpes genital need to differentiate HSV erosion from hard chancre (see Syphilis).
Treatment: disinfectant ointment - 5% dermatology, 5% boric-naphtalanna, syntomycin. When erosive form of lotions of 0.25 % solution of nitrate of silver.
Herpes zoster - acute precipitation during certain nerves ribbon-like located pink spots of various sizes (3-5 cm in diameter or more), against which quickly formed a group of tightly crowded bubbles filled with serous contents. The number of lesions is different, their appearance is accompanied (or precedes it) tingling, itching, and especially often neuralgic pain, and malaise and fever. After 6-8 days bubbles dry up with the formation of crusts that by the end of the third week fall away, leaving a light pigmentation. Sometimes the contents of bubbles can be hemorrhagic or in place of bubbles formed black scab with scalloped shape, the rejection of which is a plague (gangrenous form). In rare cases, in addition to rash along the nerves, there diffuse rash of bubbles, reminiscent of the elements of varicella.
Herpes zoster may be localized in the course of any sensitive nerve, often intercostal and individual branches of the trigeminal nerve. Defeat, as a rule, one-sided. Suggests that the virus herpes zoster initially recorded in the nerve nodes, where is transferred into the skin on perineurally lymph spaces. Herpes zoster can occur at any age, but children under 10 years are extremely rare.
The Outlook is favorable, the recurrences are observed.

Fig. 1. Herpes labialis. Fig. 2. Herpes zoster. Fig. 3. Herpes zoster gangraenosus

Treatment. Local - lubrication alcoholic solution of aniline dyes, or indifferent ointments, and corticosteroid ointments with antibiotics (geocarto, oksikort and others). Total - biomitsin 0.1 g 5-6 times a day within 6-10 days, and amidopyrine, analgin, intramuscular injections of vitamins for 10 days: B1 (3% solution thiamine-bromide by 1.0 g), B12 (0.01% solution cyanocobalamin by 1.0 g); autohemotherapy, ultraviolet irradiation. A good effect in the treatment of herpes zoster ointments with interferon. But the most effective means for today it is the ointment sinaflana.