Cherubism the child is 7 years. Symmetric changing the shape of the face.

Heruvim (synonym family of hereditary osteodysplastic) - a change in the entity resulting from bilateral symmetric thickening only the lower jaw, or both jaws. The person takes a rounded shape similar to the shape of the face of a cherub (Fig).
The disease is usually found in the first years of a child's life. Start it probably refers to the embryonic period. With the onset of puberty process fades and ends mainly after 40 years.
Histologically find a wide field cellular-fibrous connective tissue, among which various sizes scattered knots of clusters giant multi-core cell type of osteoclasts with orbicular-oval monomorphic cores.
However, unlike osteoblastoklastomy, there is not expressed, the first component of this tumor (proliferating osteoblasts).
Heroism can be mistaken for adamantinoma, osteoblastoclastoma.
X-ray picture at heroisme characterized almost symmetric swollen body and angles of the lower jaw on both sides, uneven thinning of the cortical layer, multiple foci of destruction chistovodnoe forms of various sizes. On the upper jaw - swelling in the front section, thinning of the cortical layer, polycystic structure in the field bulging. The affected area in the lateral parts of the jaws always delimited area of unmodified bones.
The forecast is favorable. Surgical treatment is applied (usually at the request of the parents) at a significantly expressed deformation and unsatisfactory appearance of the child.