Hibernate artificial

Hibernate artificial - slow life processes of the body (resembles the state of winter hibernation of some animals)caused deep blockade of the autonomic nervous system at different levels.
For carrying out of artificial hibernation apply the so-called political cocktail, which includes neurologiske, antipruritic, analgesic funds, and novocaine, magnesium sulfate, vitamins, glucose and other
The blockade of the endocrine and reflex responses in artificial hibernation increases the body's resistance to the action of damaging factors (for example, to oxygen starvation, surgical trauma), but at the same time violates useful compensatory reaction, the result of which can be severe complications (asphyxia, collapse, and so on). Therefore, at present artificial hibernation is used by the strictly limited conditions.
As an independent method of pain artificial hibernation lost the value and replaced by neuroleptanalgesia (see Anesthesia). Superficial artificial hibernation (chlorpromazine 2.5% solution, promethazine 2.5% solution, promedol 2% solution of 1 to 2 ml ) may be used for sedation (see Anesthesia).