Chemical-pharmaceutical industry

Chemical-pharmaceutical industry, a sector of the chemical industry, which produces various drugs, including synthetic drugs, antibiotics, vitamins, bacterial, photochemical and organopreparaty.
The peculiarity of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry is a comparatively small volume of production, providing high quality products (chemical purity, sterility, and others), regulated by the State Pharmacopoeia and other official documents, constant updating and expansion of the range of manufactured products. The latter determines the extreme variety of manufacturing techniques.
Many drugs, their intermediates and raw materials have toxic properties and in the production conditions can occur in different States of aggregation (liquid, gas, solid, aerosol and other). Toxic substances entering the body working through the respiratory tract, skin, mucous membranes of eyes and gastrointestinal tract, can cause local defeat and total poisoning (acute or chronic).
Prevention of occupational poisonings and diseases - see the Chemical industry.