Little children and big chemistry

What is it, I can tell.
Perhaps this story is not quite on the main theme of our discussion, but it is necessary because you need, you just need any warning about the danger generation.
Not worth it, I think, to prove what development reached chemistry in our century. It have become part of modern life. But how often gains and the progress of science are of no benefit and harm to people! In Western Newspapers always has been talk that the future war, if it happens, will not only nuclear, but also chemical.
Already in early childhood I heard memories of his father, a soldier of the Russian army, the use of poison gas by the Germans. In 1967 A. Varganov after a conversation with his father and analysis archives, published an article "the Gray cloud of gas" in the newspaper "rural virgin soil. Here is what he wrote: "it Happened on 31 may 1915 on one of the most difficult sections of the Russo-German front in the area Belimova. In the early morning of the first platoon commander of a battalion 217 Kovrov infantry regiment Alexander Fedorovich Tabolin decided to boil tea. Typing in a pot of water, he went to the parapet of the trench and made a fire. After some time Tabolin saw that the front edge of the enemy appeared a cloud of gray smoke, which quickly moved by the wind in the direction of Russian troops. Adopting a cloud behind the smokescreen covering enemy attack, he ordered to open fire interchange. Wave grey smoke was moving and soon surrounded the trenches. Many of the soldiers began to cough, he heard a heart-rending cries. Then suddenly there was a dreadful silence".
It was the first gas attack German troops against the Russian army on the strip of front 12 km. This site defended division: 55th infantry, part of which was included and 217 in Kovrov regiment, and 14-th Siberian infantry.
First chemical weapons the Germans used against the Anglo-French forces on 22 April 1915 Gas attack produced a devastating effect in the ranks of the allies. At the front of a width of 6 km from damage was recovered 15 thousand soldiers and officers, of which five thousand people died. The command of the Russian troops had known about the effects of a chemical attack. Knew it and about the possibility of using a new type of weapons in the Russian-German front. This, in particular, said the defectors. But their testimony tsarist generals ignored. The German command had used that, and in 3 hours and 20 minutes gave the order to release chlorine out of 12 thousand bottles. At the same time in the trenches of the Russians was opened machine-gun fire. Carelessness generals paid dearly for the Russian army. In the gassing 55th infantry division lost about 9 thousand people, 217 in Kovrov regiment more 2160 soldiers and Junior officers, or almost 62% of the personnel. Platoon A. F. Tabolina consisted of 50 people, of whom survived only five. Platoon commander and four soldiers saved the fire, which partially dispelled held over a trench wave of chlorine. In the subsequent "this is purely a soldier invention" has become one of the means of chemical protection.
Pure coincidence helped my father to stay alive, he was saved by the fire. It was in this case about the use of chlorine that can be used in a limited area. American imperialism went to his unbridled arms race next - created new types of chemical weapons, the use of which is accompanied by poisoning not only air but also food and water in large areas. While in the affected area falls civilians and children.
It may seem that my excursion into the history of using chemical agents against the people is a significant deviation from the topic. But I spoke about it all the same purpose. The matter is that any chemical substance, even in very small doses, effects on human organism. Especially on the child's body.
Household chemical goods firmly established in our house. We can not imagine our life without washing powders, detergent pastes, shampoos, creams. All this chemistry. It is in the air, when we add washing powder in boiling underwear -- When the child is dressed in a synthetic sliders is also unlikely to go unnoticed for his health...
But it's not the worst thing that can happen when a child's contact with modern chemistry. Bright tubes, whimsical shape of the bottle, which are different chemical compositions, like a magnet, attract children. Hence the numerous poisoning. And medicine? How many tablets - green, red, blue? And how often they lie unattended how often the child draws them into his mouth, thinking it was candy, and again, poisoning, Ambulance, hospital...
Child trusting. If he sees a bottle with a label "Lemonade", then I will drink its contents. And in the bottle can be a fixer for printing photos, acetic essence...
How much we talk how little we do to ensure that dangerous for the life of the child chemicals were not available to them. It would be easy? Put in the closet, close to the key. And yet - forgotten...
And one more thing I must say. USP contribute to the development of biochemistry, which was greatly influenced by the state of Pediatrics. We have already talked about how important was for pediatric research in the field of hereditary diseases involving violations by enzymes. But the metabolism in the body is violated not only when the hereditary pathology, but also under any acquired disease (inflammation of the lungs, sepsis and other), as hardly proceeding and the receiving chronic.
Take for example the formation of kidney stones, gall bladder.
They, in an empty space formed? No. This is the result of metabolic disorders in the body fall in a large number of substances, of which stones are growing, or they are formed as a result of infringement of metabolism. It is necessary to know both variants of the disease.
Chemistry and biochemistry ever deeper into Pediatrics. Very often, seemingly abstract chemical formula eloquently about the state of health of the child.