Chymosin (synonym: rennin, rennet, Lambermont) is an enzyme, which occurs partial hydrolysis of the major milk protein - casinokeno with the formation of casein giving in the presence of calcium ions water-insoluble calcium Caseinate, milk while stvorazhivaetsya. Chymosin belongs to the class of hydrolases. First isolated from the abomasum stomach calf. Received in crystalline form. M. weight - 40 000. Optimum action lies in the field pH = 3.5 to 4.0. Chymosin is formed from prorenin in the gastric juice of young animals. In the human stomach and adult animals chymosin is not detected. It plays an important role in the lives of young animals, providing stvorazhivanii milk (the only food product in this age), thereby delaying his stomach where it undergoes the action of pepsin. Drugs chymosin derived from the stomach of calves are used in cheese-making yearning for milk. Cm. also Enzymes.