Sea buckthorn-buckthorn

sea buckthorn-buckthorn
Fig. 50. Sea buckthorn-buckthorn (left - branch with flowers).

Sea buckthorn-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) - wild plant is entered into culture. Fruits contain fatty oil, carotenoids, ascorbic acid and other vitamins. The oil from the fruit applied externally in the treatment of colpitis, endocervicitis, cervical erosion, radiation injuries, burns, and inside - when ulcers stomach. Store in well-stoppered, brim full bottle in a cool, dark place.
Sea buckthorn-buckthorn should take one of the first places in the medicinal garden. The branch is literally covered with yellow or orange fruits that incorrectly called berries. About sea buckthorn you can tell a lot. Amazing properties are known long ago. Among 10 thousand plants ancient medicine sea buckthorn has a place of honor. It was widely used as a means of healing various external wounds, internal ulcers, as antiscorbutic, improving the General condition of the organism.
Soviet biochemists proved that sea buckthorn is a real storehouse of vitamins and in such amount and in combination, if a pre-programmed scientists. The fruit of it are of such high biological and energetic activity that only healthy and tasty, they are transferred to the category of treatment. Indeed, in the fruits, leaves and bark of sea-buckthorn opened more than a dozen vital substances.
Delicious juices, jams, canned sea buckthorn are a huge success. Sour-sweet taste with delicate taste and aroma, they collected a large number of vital substances: minerals, tannins, and recruitment vitamins buckthorn knows no equal. From the fruit get famous sea-buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, good wound-healing effect.
Bush this very decorative and single landings, and in the group, when it forms an impenetrable thickets. It tolerates drought and perfectly grows in the ravines in the steppe areas of the European part of our country.
Planting sea buckthorn root offsprings, layering, dug around old landings, one-year old seedlings grown from seeds, or by woody grafts, which are harvested in early spring.
The seeds of sea buckthorn it is easy to get, the plant it is now all fruit nurseries and Amateur gardeners often occurs.
When planting sea buckthorn, remember that the plant is dioecious: put a little segusino. Will begin to bear fruit bushes and determine the gender of a plant, then they can be discharged, leaving women only part of the male necessary for pollination.